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Ship Instruction & Feedback Module Instructions from the office For each “instruction” the Superintendent:  Types a brief heading or name.  Optionally, specifies a section in the defect list to which the item relates, who will be in charge, etc.  Enters the date by which the item should be completed.  Types a few words against the prompts in a standard form. Instructions Transferred to the ship Overview REFMAN’s Ship Instruction & Feedback module has been designed to provide a simple means of ensuring that defects and other jobs which have been identified by the Superintendent or which have been brought to the Superintendents’ attention (after an audit or ship inspection for example) are recorded and dealt with via REFMAN’s Shipboard Defect Recording system onboard. This is achieved by providing the Superintendent with the facility to send “instructions” to the ship which ship’s staff can then use to automatically initiate new items in REFMAN’s Shipboard Defect Recording system. Jobs initiated in the Shipboard Defect Recording module in this way are automatically cross-referenced The Instruction is then used to initiate a new item in the ships’ defect list with the original instruction so that it is easy for ship’s staff to track instructions and to check which have been processed and added to the ship’s Defect List, which have been completed and which are still outstanding. When used in conjunction with REFMAN’s Shipboard Defect Status Monitoring module in the office, the Superintendent can also easily check the status of each Instruction and see which are overdue. Used in this way it provides a comprehensive system for dealing with defects identified during ship inspections/ audits, ad hoc defects and or jobs that are identified following a Superintendents visit to a ship. Most importantly it provides a means of ensuring that nothing is overlooked and every item is dealt with. Minitech Systems Limited, Bridle Way, off St. Vincents Close, Girton, Cambridge, CB3 0PB, U.K. Phone: 01223 277049, Fax: 01223 277632, e-mail:, website: From Outside U.K. Phone: +44 12

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REFMAN–Ship Instruction & Feedback Module in the office. REFMAN–Ship Instruction & Feedback Module onboard. Provides the Superintendent with the means to create a list of “instructions” in the office that relate to defects or jobs which the Superintendent wants the ships’ staff to record and deal with via REFMAN’s Shipboard Defect Recording module onboard. When new “instructions” are received onboard, they appear as “Pending Items” in the defect list to alerts ships’ staff to the new “instruction”: An instruction can just be a simple one-line item to act as a “prompt” or “reminder” to...

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