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Tomorrow's voyage Smart, modern, effective and comfortable. These are the key words for describing these high speed ferries Color SuperSpeed 1 & 2. With their forward-looking design and effective concept they will revolutionise ferry traffic between Norway and Denmark. Both ships have a length of 211 metres and will be able to accept over 2,000 metres of trailer lane in addition to approximately 1,900 passengers. They were delivered for the Norwegian company Color Line from Aker Yards, Finland during spring 2008.

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Built for fast and efficient transport The Color SuperSpeeds offer a totally new fast transport system connecting southern Norway to the European main road network. The size and speed of these ships represent an enormous increase in transport capacity. Both ships have an operational cruising speed of 27 knots and the passage time from Kristiansand/Larvik to Hirtshals in Denmark will be from 3 to 4 hours. Combined with the highly efficient harbour loading and unloading with linkspans, this means that passenger cabins are no longer needed on board the ship. Highly comfortable restaurants and...

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General arrangement DECK 11 DECK 10 DECK 9 DECK 8 DECK 7 Catch me if you can Fly me to the moon Food Zone Business Class The Bluefins Tax Free Market Fashion Shop Deli Shop The Bluefins Hoistable Car Deck DECK 6 Upper Car Deck DECK 5 RoRo Deck DECK 3 DECK 1

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Technical Particulars Vessel's name Breadth moulded Depth moulded Speed, service Gross tonnage Aker Yards Color Line Classification society and notations: + 1A1 ICE 1B, CarferryA, SSC, EO, MCDK, PWDK, TMON, Comf-V(2), VIBR, NAUT-OC, CLEAN, F-M. Diesel-mechanical propulsion Auxiliary engines Trailer lanes 1035 m (on hoistable car decks, width 2.4 m)

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Aker Yards ASA is an international shipbuilding group focusing on sophisticated vessels and being one of the world's largest shipbuilders. The group is organised through three business areas; Cruise & Ferries, Offshore & Specialized Vessels and Other Operations. Aker Yards comprises 15 yards in Brazil, Finland, France, Norway, Romania and Vietnam. In addition to 30% ownership in 3 yards in Germany and Ukraine. Aker Yards Aker Yards, Cruise & Ferries The Management System of Aker Yards, Cruise & Ferries has by DNV Certification been found to fu 11 fi I the requirements of the following...

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