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Tooling Center (MCTC)

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METYX Composites® Tooling Center METYX Composites Tooling Center Malazgirt Caddesi #2 Manisa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Manisa, Turkey Tel: Fax: Email: Web: © Copyright 2013. METYX Composites. All rights reserved.

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We are thrilled to deliver another significant value added service to our customers . — Ugur Ustunel, Co-Director, METYX Composites METYX Composites® Tooling Center METYX Composites Tooling Center (MCTC) is part of the new METYX Composites Tooling Business Unit. Housed in a 12,500 square meter (134,550 square foot), stateof-the-art manufacturing facility in Manisa, Turkey, MCTC is dedicated to providing efficient and cutting-edge tooling solutions. MCTC underscores our commitment to the composites industry by delivering products with the most advanced technology and exceptional service in...

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Tooling Services industry needed a reliable, lowcost tooling shop that could respond to customers’ At the heart of the MCTC is a 5-Axis CNC machine for large scale plug and mold global METYX Composites reinforcement production. The superior capabilities of customers as a value-added service. Our this machine, coupled with the expertise mission is to offer engineering and manu- of our industry-leading technical team, facturing support for plugs, patterns, and ensure first-rate quality and craftsman- high-quality tooling in a manner that is ship on all tooling projects. tooling challenges Our...

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Prototyping Services In addition to tooling products, we provide prototyping services. We build finished composite components from tools produced in-house. Prototyping provides significant advantages, including: reduction of project cost and risk, rapid visualization, and the ability to refine the prototype until all manufacturing goals are met. We deliver dimensional verification reports, as per customer request, to ensure the accuracy of our operations.

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Why Choose METYX Composites Tooling Center? Technologically Advanced Equipment • 5-Axis Milling Center: • Vacuum System Unit for Milling and Component Production The MCTC incorporates a 5-Axis CNC machine for speed and precision in large scale plug and mold production. The cutting-edge machine has an envelope size of 10 meters x 6.2 meters x 4 meters (32 feet x 20 feet • Epoxy and Polyester Putty Dispensing Equipment x 13 feet), making it one of the largest CNC machines for the composites industry in the region. It is capable of producing plugs and molds for the automotive, wind energy,...

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More Reasons to choose METYX Composites Tooling Center FRP Tool Production Services Pattern and Plug Production Services Outstanding Engineering Services • Using our precise patterns, we • Our standard pattern production • Engineering design through state- produce FRP molds for spray up, consists of a wooden or foam- hand lay, RTM, L-RTM, and vacuum- based structure laminated with • Reverse engineering assisted infusion processes. glass, followed by an application • Rapid prototyping • Tooling consultancy • We can also produce large-scale molds using a direct negative molding technique,...

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