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METYX 2011 Brochure

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Total Solutions in Composites METYX Composites is honored to be a preferred supplier of high-performance reinforcements to the composites industry. We take great pride in our worldwide reputation for cutting-edge technology, innovative product offerings, custom services, and unique solutions to solve our customers’ composites challenges. About Us Company ProfilE METYX Composites® is a rapidly growing division of Telateks A.S.®, which has been producing high quality textiles for over 60 years. As a Telateks A.S. division, METYX Composites benefits from many competitive advantages including...

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Delivering High-Performance reinforcements and Customized solutions Multiaxial Product Group METYX Composites high-performance multiaxial reinforcements are engineered fabrics consisting of one or more layers of unidirectional fibers. These layers are held in place by a non-structural stitching thread, which is generally a polyester yarn. Product Range • Unidirectional • Biaxial • Triaxial • Quadraxial • Combi Mat • Stitched Mat +45° All reinforcements available in E-glass, Aramid, Carbon, and Hybrid forms. Chopped Strand Mat 0° 90° -45° Stitching (Knitting) Pattern Veil / Non-Woven The...

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Delivering Strength FOR High-end Applications Carbon Reinforcement Range Our multiaxial and woven carbon fabrics deliver the superior strength, lightweight properties, and speed your high-end applications require. We are your reliable, long-term source for top quality carbon fabrics and customized solutions. product range: • Unidirectional • Biaxial • Triaxial • Quadraxial • Wovens • Hybrids METYX Composites: your reliable, long-term source for top quality carbon fabrics. 6 7

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MAXIMIZING YOUR RTM Product Group • tm Main benefits Product Range • High drapeability • Excellent resin flow • Wide product range • Custom widths • 200M / 180PP / 200M • 200M / 250PP / 200M • 300M / 180PP / 300M • 300M / 250PP / 300M • 450M / 180PP / 450M • 450M / 250PP / 450M • 600M / 180PP / 600M • 600M / 250PP / 600M • 750M / 180PP / 750M End products RTM Product Group • Main Features • 750M / 250PP / 750M • 900M / 180PP / 900M • 900M / 250PP / 900M • Surface veil, biaxial skin, and lighter core options • Stitched mats (100 gr/m21,500 gr/m2) • Engineered core sandwiched between two...

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Enhancing surfaces Surface Veil Product Group Woven Fabrics and Tapes METYX Composites surface veils are non-woven, polyester fabrics. They are used to produce smooth, resin-rich, protective surfaces. Woven Fabrics METYX Composites woven fabrics are made by interweaving continuous fiber rovings to produce biaxial fabrics that can be used with most resin systems. Woven fabrics are typically used in the marine, wind energy, automotive, aerospace, and sports and leisure industries to increase the flexural and impact strength of laminates. Main Features • • • • Improved surface smoothness...

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Optimizing Vacuum bagging systems Textile Vacuum Bagging Products PA80R1 tm METYX Composites manufactures a full range of technical fabrics that work together to optimize your vacuum bagging systems and to solve your molding challenges. As an integrated technical textile company, we offer the advantage of one-stop shopping for a full portfolio of superior composites related textile products. Peel Ply Product Range: METYX manufactures a complete range of Peel Plies to suit all production needs: polyamide or polyester, bands or full width. The PA80R1 Range is engineered to have superior peel...

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Custom Solutions for UNIQUE CHALLENGES IN COMPOSITES Consulting Services METYX Composites offers extensive consulting services catered to the requirements of each customer. We provide tactical solutions for composites industry challenges and deliverables to ensure customers’ goals are attained. Services include data analysis, recommendations, custom products, and onsite customer training. Vacuum Infusion Technology METYX Composites assists manufacturers in switching to vacuum infusion technology. We provide design services, infusion consumables, onsite technical support, specialty...

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Your Competitive edge Training At METYX Composites we believe that hands-on, real-world experience is what makes it possible to turn theory and ideas into successful, inventive end products. As such, the METYX Composites is also committed to disseminating composites know-how in the form of formal and practical composites training both in Turkey and abroad. Our trainings enable a quick start for new-comers to composites and advanced techniques for those familiar with the processes. Our signature event, METYX Composites Biennial Composites Summit, is the most comprehensive event for...

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Due to high demand for our products worldwide, METYX Composites now has distributor representation in over 20 countries. The following companies comprise part of our expanding distributor network. Please visit us at for the most current distributor contact information. Modest Marketing United Arab Emirates Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia IPARI. KERESKEDELMI ËS SZOLGÁLTATÓ KFT. Composites Brasil SCOTT BADER Scott Bader cai_oaD superior. conFiaBiuDaD cocaL Tpynna KOMnaHiiii «Eaman ToproBan CMcreiua»...

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