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ABOUT US Company Profile METYX Composites was founded in 2003 as a division of Telateks A.S, a leading textile manufacturing company in Turkey since 1940. From the beginning, METYX Composites has used its knitting expertise to develop and produce technical textiles using E-glass, H-glass, carbon and aramid fibres. These include; multiaxial reinforcements, RTM reinforcements and woven fabrics. facilities, equipment and highly skilled staff that enable the business to offer its customers additional added value services. These include: laboratory testing, engineering support, consultancy,...

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METYX Composites® is honored to be a preferred supplier of high - performance reinforcements to the composites industry. We take great pride in our worldwide reputation for cutting-edge technology, innovative product offerings, custom services, and unique solutions to solve our customers’ composites challenges. METYX Composites is a highly responsive ‘Solutions Partner’, offering customers a full package of products and services, with reliable quality and deliv- ery, effectively combining the strength of its production capabilities with its technical expertise to support its customers and...

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METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of high-performance technical textiles including multiaxial reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven fabrics, textile vacuum bagging products, and surface veils. Our reinforcements feature the latest technological advancements. They are produced with skilled workmanship and strong attention to detail. Only certified raw materials are used, and all manufacturing processes strictly adhere to demanding ISO 9001 standards, ensuring the highest quality reinforcements to our customers. PRODUCTS Multiaxial Product Group RTM Product Group Others • Woven...

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METYX Composites is also an exclusive distributor in Turkey of many superior composites related products such as mold releases, resins, cleaners, adhesives, core materials, vacuum infusion materials, and RTM equipment/tooling materials. SERVICES Core Materials and Fabric Kitting Tooling Services Others • Training • Consulting Services • Distribution

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* Multiaxial Product Group Marine I Wind Energy I Automotive I Rail I Sports I Construction I Engineered Structures I Industrial METYX Composites high-performance multi-axial reinforcements are engineered fabrics consisting of one or more layers of unidirectional fibers. These layers are held in place by a non-structural stitching thread, which is generally a polyester yarn. Advantages: • Wide product range • Innovative technology • Flexible production • Quality you can count on • Reliable long-term supplier Product Range: • Unidirectional • Biaxial • Triaxial • Quadraxial • Combi Mats All...

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03 products Multiaxial Product Group Multiaxial Product Group Carbon Reinforcement Range METYX Composites: your reliable, long-term source for top quality carbon fabrics. Our multiaxial and woven carbon fabrics deliver the superior strength, lightweight properties, and speed your high-end applications require, We are your reliable, long-term source for top quality carbon fabrics and customized solutions, Product Range: • Unidirectional • Biaxial • Triaxial • Quadraxial • Wovens • Hybrids All reinforcements available in the standard and spreaded forms.

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• 750M / 250PP / 750M • 900M / 180PP / 900M • 900M / 250PP / 900M • Surface veil, biaxial skin, lighter core options • Stitched mats (100 gr/m2-1,500 gr/m2) metycore max Main Features: • Engineered core sandwiched between two layers of chopped strand mat to help the resin traverse the laminate with maximum speed and precision • Designed to conform to the shape of the mold

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• ideal for series production, large scale projects, products where highly filled resin systems are needed, and flame retardant applications Main Benefits: • Maximized resin flow • Reduced fill time • Decreased fill cost • Reduced labor • increased output • High drapeability • Added structural strength and rigidity • Enhanced quality and consistency metycore fs (Fire Shield) in response to rail sector need for a new material solutions, METYX Composites R&D department has developed a new cored glass fibre RTM fabric reinforcement product which meets the new EN standard for the fire...

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markets related Construction I Engineered Structures I industrial Surface Veil Product Group METYX Composites surface veils are non-wo-ven, polyester fabrics. They are used to produce smooth, resin-rich, protective surfaces, mainly in pultrusion and filament winding processes. Main features: • Improved surface smoothness • Additional surface protection and durability • Reduced surface shrinkage • Lower porosity Product Range: METYX Composites manufactures a wide range of surface veils for various applications. All of our surface veils are characterized by uniform fiber distribution;...

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PRODUCTS Others Others Vacuum Bagging Products METYX Composites manufactures a full range of technical fabrics that work together to optimize your vacuum bagging systems and to solve your molding challenges. As an integrated technical textile company, we offer the advantage of one-stop shopping for a full portfolio of superior composites related textile products. MARKETS RELATED Marine | Wind Energy Peel Ply: Polyester and polyamide 6 or 66. Washed and heat set. Various widths. Breather: Polyester non-woven felt. Weights available from 150 to 300 gr/m2 Flowmesh: Knitted polyethylene fabric...

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