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Outboard SPRING 2018 - 28 Pages

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Outboard SPRING 2018

Catalog excerpts

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FourStroke Built to be reliable, powerful and efficient Backed by decades of innovation and leadership, Mercury FourStroke outboards deliver legendary performance and forward-thinking technology. Mercury’s larger FourStroke outboards – four-cylinder and six-cylinder – are built to go the distance on any water and on a wide variety of boats. • Reliable, because Mercury values your time on the water • Powerful, from hole shot to top end performance in a package that’s as light and efficient as possible. With innovative designs and advanced technology, these compact and versatile Mercury...

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new 225 / 200 / 175 FourStroke Greater performance for awesome boating The new Mercury FourStrokes are precision engineered from skeg to cowl. Packed with advanced technology to improve all aspects of performance and reliability, the robust 3.4-liter V-6 engines - designed to minimize weight and maximize fuel economy -deliver Mercury's best-ever FourStroke hole shot, top speed and fuel efficiency. The new FourStrokes also provide unsurpassed dampening of sound and vibration for a superior boating experience, and Idle Charge battery-management prevents boaters from draining their batteries...

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Get on plane faster • Our quickest and fastest 200hp FourStroke with ample displacement in the 175-225hp range • Performance-inspired quick-revving double-overhead camshaft design and deep-breathing intake • The lightest weight in the category by more than 10 pounds All these contribute to unmatched hole-shot performance on a wide range of boat types. Make the most of that acceleration with the broad range of pitch-perfect Mercury propellers, expanded to match the performance of these new outboards. Best-ever FourStroke fuel economy Go farther with every gallon! Advanced Range Optimization...

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FourStroke advantages Versatility New V-6 FourStroke outboards are available with mechanical or digital controls, providing consumers more options in new-boat and repower applications. Consumers can choose between hydraulic (standard) or power steering (optional). Adaptive Speed Control ASC allows consumers to maintain engine speed (rpm) regardless of load or condition changes – such as rough water, tight turns, tow sports and lower speeds on plane – without having to frequently adjust throttle position. Low-voltage battery-management In addition to traditional Mercury Phantom Black, our...

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Maintenance made easy Clear information for routine maintenance is provided on an engine decal under the cowl. The decal provides a quick, easy overview of routine maintenance intervals for 100-hour and 300-hour checks, along with required quantities and types of engine and gearcase oil, spark plugs, etc. There’s also a handy QR code for smartphones that links to additional instructions. Top cowl service door For easy and simple engine oil checks, just pop open the new Service Door on top of the cowl. A single push opens the watertight door for access to the dipstick and service decal...

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fourstroke More power. More control. More comfort. The new Mercury 20hp and 15hp FourStroke outboards are designed to improve every minute of your time on the water: Innovative adjustable tiller handle is designed for comfortable left- or right-hand operation. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) delivers quick starts and crisp throttle response. New twin-cylinder powerhead produces outstanding torque for great acceleration. Lightweight design offers enhanced portability and improved performance. New engine mounts keep vibration off the boat and tiller...

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Less weight, more torque A new low-friction, single-overhead cam powerhead delivers greater torque. Meanwhile, overall weight is decreased by 10 pounds – a significant reduction that makes a big difference on small boats. More power and less weight improve on-plane performance and top speed. These are the quickest, fastest and strongest outboards in the category! Easy, reliable starting The FourStrokes’ Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system doesn’t require a battery for rope-pull starting. EFI also produces easy starts – hot or cold – and outstanding fuel efficiency. It self-adjusts to...

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Strong. Smooth. Precise. Reliable. Get all the power you need to control bigger boats. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) enables precise fuel metering for smooth operation all day at the lowest trolling speeds. The innovative adjustable tiller handle is designed for comfortable operation with port or starboard transom mounting. Lightweight design takes a load off your transom, and new engine mounts isolate vibration away from the boat and tiller handle. HP    Disp (L) Engine type    Dry Weight* *iightest model available

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Exclusive ProKicker features • High-thrust four-btade Mercury propeller with added blade area and a low pitch efficiently transfers engine torque to the water - the perfect combination for controlling larger fishing boats under most conditions. • Standard power titt gets you up and running fast with no reach, no bending over. • Exclusive centering straps automatically straighten and lock the outboard in place when tilted up to protect the ctamp bracket during high-speed runs and traitering. • 9-amp alternator output at trotting speeds helps keep batteries charged. Ambidextrous tiller The...

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Pro XS Extraordinary engineering for extraordinary speed High-performance features unite to get you there first: • Lightning-quick acceleration • Blazing top speed • Steadfast dependability • Quiet operation that belies its true power • A foundation of Mercury Racing heritage Mercury Pro XS outboards from 115hp to 250hp are engineered for the most-demanding people on the water - anglers battling on the tournament trail and powerboaters who crave speed and acceleration. Mercury developed exclusive components and tuning to extract every ounce of performance from each Pro XS model to get you...

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