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Mercury SeaPro 2017 - 20 Pages

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Mercury SeaPro 2017

Catalog excerpts

^ Commercial Outboard Range

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Reliable, durable and hard-working At Mercury Marine, water is our life. It's why we do what we do: engineer, build and provide the best marine power in the world. Since 1939, our passion for quality, ultimate reliability, performance, intuitive design, pro-active support and value is matched only by our customers' passion and demands. Mercury provides engines, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine applications. Whether our customers make their living on the water, keeping our waters safe, or simply by living for it, they can rely on our broad range of...

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When you’ve got a job to do on the water, call in a Pro Mercury SeaPro commercial outboards are designed to work as hard as you do…engineered to be ultra-resilient working partners for everyone making their living on the water. They’ve earned their credentials for reliability by performing under the toughest working conditions possible to deliver trouble-free operation year after year. Every SeaPro outboard features unique components to cope with the additional demands of professional operation. On selected models, Big Tiller comes as standard. The Big Tiller handle gives commercial...

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Mercury ultimate reliability Boating is not often thought of as a harsh environment. But just stop and think about it. Marine engines can be, and are often used for extended periods at wide-open throttle in harsh saltwater and full UV sunlight. At Mercury, we test our engines rigorously and use those results to make them even more reliable. The tougher the test, the tougher the engine. We put our engines through tests such as vicious log strikes, saltwater spray booths, high-humidity chambers and hot and cold water temperatures. That’s just phase one of our brutal testing process. Then we...

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Since 1939, Mercury has led the way in innovation with leading-edge technology and efficiency. Mercury SeaPro outboards continue the proud tradition of creating engines that continue to break the mould - the most refined engines money can buy for any commercial application.

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Mercury FourStrokes: a game-changer The compact Mercury SeaPro FourStrokes are even tougher. They’re quiet, delivering power, durability and fuel efficiency. All this means less time out of the water and more time on the job. The strong, silent type that just gets on with it. Commercial calibration Corrosion resistance SeaPro engines are specifically calibrated to achieve a much longer engine life, ensuring reliability and performance when you need it most. Mercury’s proprietary formula, XK360, is an extremely low-copper-content aluminium alloy, which leads the industry in corrosion...

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SeaPro 150 hp FourStroke The SeaPro 150 hp FourStroke is one tough customer, built to develop torque loads at a stress level that will ensure higher durability than any other 150 horsepower outboard. Stiffer upper mounts Easy oil drainage and fill New upper mounts are designed to produce less noise and vibration. On the SeaPro range they’re also twice as stiff as the recreational models in order to maximise durability. Their longevity makes them ideally suited to the demands and rigours of commercial applications. The gear-case oil is drained through the torpedo, which means the engine...

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► Higher displacement means less work for the engine in producing torque and horsepower. And more torque and horsepower give the Mercury SeaPro 150 hp FourStroke torque rivalling the strongest two-strokes. ► The SeaPro 150 hp FourStroke weighs just 206 kgs and has almost 20 % fewer parts than its competitors. A smaller compact design and its lighter weight reduces the overall package weight of the boat which, depending on the hull, will improve performance and efficiency. ► Depth and smallest tilt-arc with the least well intrusion whilst providing better hull manoeuvrability, fuel...

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SeaPro 75-115 hp FourStroke Embracing all the innovation that made our 150 legendary, the SeaPro FourStroke Mid-Range takes it to the next level – unbridled power, unusually compact design, uncompromising reliability, unbelievably fuel-efficient. The most efficient midrange, working FourStrokes ever! Leading gear-case technology Easy oil drainage and fill All 75-115 hp SeaPro FourStrokes utilise the Command Thrust gear-case. This heavy-duty gear-case allows users to run an oversized prop, sits deeper in the water and incorporates a different gear case ratio – all designed to improve...

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FourStroke technology provides maximum fuel economy, smoothness and uncompromising reliability. At 2.1 litres, the all-new Mercury SeaPro 75-115 hp range has one of the largest displacements in its class. Our 115 hp is the lightest in its class – it has a similar weight to the 75-90 hp, but it offers over 30 % more displacement for ‘out-of-the-hole’ performance and torque loads to help get the boat on plane while delivering quicker acceleration. Improved engineering technology has packed incredible power into a light, compact outboard, improving power-to-weight ratio and reducing the...

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SeaPro 40-60hp FourStroke. Continuing the legacy of the Mercury SeaPro FourStroke line of outboards, the 60 and 40hp engines offer increased durability and easy maintenance for commercial use. These models have enhanced features that are engineered for high-hour applications and built to withstand the harshest saltwater environments. Anodized driveshaft housing 60 and 40 hp SeaPro FourStroke engines come standard with an anodized driveshaft housing - decreasing the opportunity for corrosion throughout a vital section of your engine. Engineered for Commercial Engineered to deliver longer...

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► The 60 and 40 hp SeaPro FourStroke engines offer robust upper mounts to increase durability in commercial applications. ► The gearcase oil is drained through the torpedo, which means gearcase oil can be changed in or out of the water - simply tilt the engine up. ► The 60 and 40 hp SeaPro FourStroke engines come standard with an extended life fuel pump - improving the durability of the engine and ensuring the engine is ready to run when you need it. ► The new 60 and 40 hp SeaPro FourStroke engines have been upgraded to be fully SmartCraft capable. This allows the user to utilize the...

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