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Catalogue Mercury 2013 - 32 Pages

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Catalogue Mercury 2013

Catalog excerpts

Experience the best in boating When you rig your boat with a Mercury Outboard, you’re not just getting the best power available. You’re getting an experienced team of boating enthusiasts who are dedicated to taking care of you. No matter how you want to use your boat – fishing, skiing, cruising or just relaxing on a sunny day. Everyone at Mercury is here to make sure each minute you spend on the water is unforgettable. For more than 70 years, our dedicated focus on marine power means that nobody has helped more people enjoy boating than Mercury. With a full range of outboard options, you...

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VERADO® 150 - 300HP Unrivaled driving experience If your outboard could be anything you wanted, how would you design it? Mercury engineers listened to boaters like you and built their wishes into a revolutionary product, Verado the only supercharged production outboard on the market today. With proven dependability, a smooth ride and superb handling, the FourStroke Mercury Verado is the most sophisticated propulsion system on the water. Built for the long run Quality and reliability comes as standard. That’s why the Verado was designed with features like a long bolt design, which passes...

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MercMonitor™ w/Eco-Screen By constantly monitoring engine trim, speed and fuel consumption, the ECOScreen function on the MercMonitor will send you easy-to-read prompts designed to help you run your boat at its optimal fuel economy. Complete. Precise. Control. A premium driving experience must deliver absolute control. The Verado was the 1st outboard in the world with an electric hydraulic power steering, which virtually eliminates steering torque. Coupled with the precise shifting and throttle response of Mercury’s Digital Throttle & Shift, the result is an unmatched boat driving...

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FOURSTROKE 150HP Exceeding the boundaries of reliability The mission to our engineers was: design and make the most reliable 150hp FourStroke outboard in the industry. To do that they started with a strong 3.0L block capable of producing more than 250hp and asked it to deliver only 150hp. Doing so greatly increases the powerhead’s long term durability. Add to this class leading displacement engine a robust gearcase and nearly 10,000 hours of engineering and field testing, than back it all up with an industry leading limited 5-year factory backed warranty*, you can see why we consider their...

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Perfect propulsion At Mercury we make a wider variety of carefully designed, precision engineered and quality crafted props than anybody else in the world. You can get just the prop you need for what you want to do on the water. Propped up Smart Boating at its Best The Mercury Enertia® propeller is the perfect complement to the 150 FourStroke. Designed to be the ultimate prop for large FourStroke outboards, Enertia’s revolutionary low-diameter high-bladearea design, coupled with the Mercury proprietary X7® propeller alloy, produces a prop that provides phenomenal acceleration, top speed and...

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Whetheryou enjoy an evening boat ride with family & friends on the Lake, a morning fishing trip on the ocean or an active afternoon water-sport activity on the river, Mercury's 80-115hp FourStroke outboards deliverthe dependability you demand. Add nearsilent operation and you have an unbeatable combination sure to please any boater. A house is only as solid as its foundation, right? Well these 80-115hp FourStrokes are built to last. Using the exact valve train architecture found in a 200hp Mercury Verado provides a robust design that is incredibly durable and maintenance free for life....

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Power your passion Mercury 80-115hp FourStrokes deliver the displacement needed for increased torque and quick acceleration. That’s good news for wakeboarders and water skiers wanting to quickly jump on plane. Coupled with a low 2.33:1 gear ratio that provides plenty of power throughout the RPM range, you’ll see why more boaters trust Mercury everyday. New Spitfire Propeller The Spitfire is Mercury’s most advanced aluminum propeller. Featuring four aggressive blades with high rake angles and extra cup, the Spitfire delivers tenacious holding and 25% faster acceleration with no loss in top...

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FOURSTROKE 40 - 60HP Confidence comes as standard There’s a reason Mercury’s 40-60hp FourStrokes are so popular on the water, they do exactly what you need them to do. Every time, without any hassle. And they’re so easy to operate that they’re the last thing you have to worry about when you head out on the water. Powerfully compact The single overhead cam configuration and long stroke design of Mercury’s 40-60hp FourStrokes increases torque for excellent acceleration, even with heavy loads. Additionally, the compact design of these FourStrokes coupled with a high output alternator makes...

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Unmatched maneuverability The Mercury 40 & 60 Bigfoot model(s) have a taller gearcase, oversized prop and lower gear ratio, they deliver more thrust and control than any other outboard of comparable horsepower. Since the prop sits deeper in the water, it operates in less disturbed water thereby dramatically improving performance. Combined with a larger diameter propeller with 20% more surface area, the result is a combination which dramatically improves maneuverability and boat lift. A BIG tiller Mercury’s optional Big Tiller popularity has increased for use on open inflatables, ribs and...

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FOURSTROKE 25 - 30HP It starts when you say so When the battery on an ordinary engine is drained, you have nowhere to go. Not so with a Mercury 25 - 30 HP FourStroke. Every engine in the horsepower range comes standard with a manual recoil starter. So even if the battery quits, you can take matters into your own hands and keep your boating trip going. Low end torque These 25-30hp FourStrokes may be small on horsepower, but they’re big on displacement. Featuring loads of strong, low end torque, these outboards have the power needed to get you up on plane with immediate throttle response and...

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