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Megafend ® fender hooks are the perfect way to protect a yacht's varnished, painted, or stainless hand rails. All Megafend fender hooks are handcrafted and designed for heavy use. Megafend ® solid core fenders are the perfect way to fend off damaging contact between your boat and docks, pilings or other boats while moored. Mega 30 fenders are perfectly sized to protect smaller boats. Megafend ® chafe gear wraps provide protection for dockline hawsers, line eyes, or where dock lines come in contact with rubrails. Megafend ® fluffy chafe gear provides protection for those areas where the fender line or dock line can rub against paint or gelcoat. Each is designed for heavy use applications. They install easily and can be removed without having to rebraid the line end. About Megafend We have been designing and manufacturing specialty marine products in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, since 1986. It only takes a glance to readily see the difference Megafend brings to style, handcrafted quality and functionality of your mooring accessories. We have set the standards for mooring product excellence. Sophisticated design and skilled handcrafting are our benchmarks. We also offer custom services that can create a mooring product to match your exacting needs– check with your dealer for more information. MOORING PRODUCTS MOORING PRODUCTS authorized dealer Fender Hooks Solid-Core Fenders Removable Chafe Gear

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Fender Hooks Boat Fenders Removable Chafe Gear Megafend ® fender hooks have a core structure of Mega 30® solid core fenders are sized to protect Megafend ® chafe gear installs easily without ties durable aluminum. The outer and inner surfaces are covered with premium-grade leather in black or natural finish for an outstanding look. The finest sheep's wool covers the inside of fender hook models designed for varnished or painted rails, protecting rail surface area. All Megafend fender hooks are handcrafted and designed for heavy use. Custom fabricated sizes are also available through your...

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