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Megafend products make yacht mooring or docking a safe, protected, crew-friendly experience. Each also compliments your vessel with an elegant look while you enjoy relaxing marina time. • We focus on creating mooring accessories that embody innovation, design simplicity, handcrafted quality and efficient functionality for a World Class result. Our creative implementation of advances in materials technology yields the marine industry’s longest lasting, most cost effective protection for yacht surfaces. • Contact us for custom handcrafted mooring products to match your exact needs, or for...

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Megafend Superyacht Boarding Platforms • Carbon fiber for maximum strength • Hypalon covering for high impact protection • Lightweight closed cell construction • Marine stainless steel railings & components • Non-skid surface • Custom configured to match your needs. Megafend Transom Fenders— (Right and facing page) provide lasting protection and safe access to tenders.

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Megafend Superyacht Transom Fenders Expressly designed by Megafend to provide long lasting protection for superyacht transoms, tenders and water toys. Engineered tough, Megafend Transom Fenders are custom configured for your yacht and built in sections for easy install when needed and fast stowing after use.

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Left to right— Mega 90 Megafend Solid-Core Fender Series— The perfect solution for storm conditions. Each is covered in durable Sunbrella® marine fabric (black standard). Over 100 custom colors available on request. All standard models use a 25 mm (1”) pvc pipe through the center for hanging. An optional stainless steel center rod is available for conditions where extreme service is the rule. Our stainless kit is equipped with a ring over

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Available in sizes— • 10” dia x 26” long • 14” dia x 36” long • 16” dia x 60” long • 18” dia x 45” long • 20” dia x 52” long • 24” dia x 48” long • 24” dia x 58” long • 26” dia x 65” long • 36” dia x 48” long • 38” dia x 75” long... also custom sizes, colors and • 28,” 38,” 48,” and 58” diameter round models — not all sizes shown Model EDW3875 neo p or a rene cr fabr ylic ic Megafend EDW™ Extreme Duty Welded Inflatable Fender Series— Light-in-weight, easily inflated, easily stowed in minimal space. EDW™ inflatable fenders are made with designed-in performance that can only be achieved by...

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Carbon Fiber Megafend Fender Hooks and Specialty Hook Applications Hundreds of designs have been built for discerning clients ‘round the world. Each is custom handcrafted to fit the rail profile of your yacht and many designs are ultimately patented. All assure perfect protection of varnished, painted, or stainless hand rails. Suspended fender lines remain clear of yacht surfaces. CUSTOM HAND CRAFTED Ligh yet du stro Carbon fi be orde any Me hook See n pa

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hter, urably ong ! 154 156 159 fiber may ered on egafend Core structure is quality 316 stainless steel plate or optional carbon fiber, precisely formed. style. Most styles feature a soft sheepskin liner covering the core’s underside. next The outside is covered with premium grade maintenance-free, never-oil leather in age popular marine colors. Hardware choices include custom D-rings, box-rings, cam cleats, stainless fairleads, threadless fairleads, spreader bars and rod holders among others. All of our hooks are built to exceed your rigorous criteria for superyacht mooring protection....

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CARBON FIBER –exclusive Reverse side Materials innovation is a Megafend benchmark— Our craftspeople, known for working magic in stainless steel, have taken that skill beyond the next level by using premium carbon fiber core in fender hooks and special purpose hooks. This outstanding strength/weight ratio material is formed to shape and available with decorative overlay, overlay with glistening clear-coat, an elegant teak overlay with clear-coat, or in our never-oil, maintenance-free leather covering

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All Megafend fender hook designs and specialty hooks are now available in carbon fiber. Typical configurations shown. Shape & hardware are configured to your exact needs.

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FenderCoat™ Inflatable Fender Covers— Beautiful FenderCoat™ covers help protect mega/superyacht surfaces from fender contact. Acrylic (100% solution-dyed) is available in your choice of four colors (Black, Marina Blue, Cadet Gray, Charcoal). Supple, soft, waterproof Neoprene (synthetic elastomer) wet-suit style is available in black as standard or in limited colors. Both cling and conform to EDW™ inflatable fender contours and are available to fit all EDW sizes. Acrylic Neoprene Neoprene EDW™ FENDER

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Have you ever found yourself saying, I wish someone would make...? Trust Megafend. We listen, we visualize, and we create exceptional handcrafted products to perform those special mooring accessory tasks. Imagine— Why have a boat hook that needs maintenance and can break under stress when you can have a stronger, lighter-in-weight carbon fiber Megafend Ultima™ Boat Hook? Each features a 35 mm (1.39 inch) O.D. diameter shaft and can be crafted in your required length up to 16 feet. Long lengths feature 316L stainless steel marine breakaway(s) for handling or stowing ease. Order sans wraps or...

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Megafend Removable Chafe Gear Megafend removable chafe gear wraps are available in standard and custom lengths and choices of materials to fit and reliably protect popular line sizes. Each is designed for heavy use applications, wearability and installs securely without ties at the point of use to create a protective wrap on lines. • Fluffy chafe gear wrap of soft sheepskin or acrylic is used where fender lines or dock lines can rub against paint or Gelcoat surfaces. MegaChafe™ Ultra Ballistic Nylon– a premium look with excellent wearability Optional Black Fluffy– soft, color-fast 100%...

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