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Fender hook Making templates and patterns for custom Megafend™ fender hooks— Megafend will custom build fender hooks to the exact configuration needed for your yacht. Preparing a template and pattern to assist you in ordering is an easy and quick process. No special skills are required. The step-by-step technique shown is readily used for cap rail profiles with curved or straight inboard/outboard edges and box rails. For pipe rails, see Step 8. The following series of photos were made using a typical section of cap rail on a digitally simulated section of bul rk. We think that it will give you the idea. Materials needed: 1. Aluminum welding rod or strip of scrap aluminum; bends easily & retains shape. Step 1— Determine cap rail uniformity (tolerance) by checking cap rail width along area where fender hooks will be used. Tolerance should be within 1/4-inch. Should width vary, the goal is to make your template so that it securely fits the largest area yet not be too loose in narrower area. Step 2— Start template shape tightly flush to inboard side of bulw rk where the cap rail joins. Step 4— Continue following contour using pliers as aid in bending rod to assure snug fit. Step 3— Carefully bend the metal rod or strip to accurately follow the contour of the cap rail. Step 5— Holding rod securely in place on inboard side of cap rail, gradually and firmly press metal downward to follow top section of rail. Adjust with pliers as needed and check fit.

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Step 6— While continuing to hold metal template in place flush against inboard rail side and rail top, start bend around outboard side to approximate outermost point of cap rail profile. template outboard inboard angle.) Step 8—(Pipe rails only) Bend metal strip or rod to shape of pipe rail. Measure I.D. to determine pipe rail O.D. for ordering. Step 9— Lay finished metal template for fenderhook on paper. Hold firmly in place and carefully trace pattern of inside of shape onto the paper. (A ballpoint pen is preferred for this task.) Step 10— Carefully mark ends of inboard and outboard sides...

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