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Instruction Manual MAXPULL Manual Winch Model ME-5-B, ME-10-B (Type SI, NSIL and SIC) Model RME-5-B, RME-10-B (Type SI, NSIL and SIC) (Mechanical Brake) ・ For your safety, always read this manual and understand the contents fully before starting operation. ・ Keep this manual at a designated place at all times to have quick access when requi

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Appendix 1. Appendix 2. Appendix 3. MAXPULL Winch Inspection Sheet Parts List for Model ME-5-B and ME-10-B Ratchet Handle Parts List for Model RME Stopper Parts List

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How to Use This Equipment Safely Thank you for purchasing MAXPULL manual winch. Thoroughly read this Instruction Manual before using the equipment to ensure that the operator understands the equipment and can operate it correctly. Store this Instruction Manual in a location that is easily accessible for everyone that will be operating the Winch and make sure everyone has read it. 2 categories “DANGER” and “WARNING” on this instruction manual. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if ignored, will result in death or serious injury and/or property damage. Indicates a potentially...

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1.Inspecting the Winch upon Delivery ● Installing the wrong product may cause injury and damage to the equipment. In addition, do not remove nor disfigure any warning label or the name plate on the winch. ● To avoid danger, keep babies and children from the enclosed plastic bag, winch, and other parts and accessories. ❒ Please check the following items first when the winch is delivered to you. (1) Do the descriptions on the name plate such as the model and specifications etc., match what you have ordered? (2) Are there any damages caused by accidents during transport? (3) Are there any...

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3.Names of Each Part Model ME Gear Case Warning Label (C) Gear Case Cover “Wire Rope Winding Direction” Sticker Stay Bolt   Pressure Rollers Side Frame Warning Label (B) Name Plate Handle Holder Clutch Clutch Cover “Handle Rotatio n Direction” Sticker   Installation Adaptor Model RME (Ratchet Model) Ratchet Unit Stopper Armless Stopper unit is covered with the clutch cover to privent an accidental operation. “Stopper Position” Sticker Safety Leaf Spring Stopper Warning Label (A) Type NSIL Noiseless Mechanism Silent lifting and lowering is possible with this unit. Names of Each Part

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4.Name Plate and Warning Labels The following labels and name plate are attached to the winch. Read and understand the contents of each label fully starting operation. If any label or name plate becomes damaged or illegible, contact MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. or your local distributor immediately. A replacement will be supplied at your own cost. ● Check the measurement unit of pound(lbs) or kilogram(kgf) on name plate and make sure that the load must not exceed the load rating of the winch before use the winch. ● Never remove nor disfigure any warning label or name plate on...

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5.Installation ● Installation and mounting of the manual winch must not be performed by anyone other than specialized contractors or people with expert knowledge. ● Make sure the winch does not fall or tip over while in transport or during installation. Be thoroughly careful when moving the winch. ● Install the winch in an area with easy access to the winch for inspections and maintenance. ● Please check that the installing area or mounting frame of the manual winch has sufficient strength and that it is a level surface. ● If there is a clearance due to distortion, etc. between the...

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6.Precautions on Usage Environment Make sure not to install or use the winch in the following special environments, because it will shorten its life and it will be extremely dangerous. ● The limit of usage and installation in cold climates is -10℃(14℉). Using it at -10℃(14℉) or below will cause cold shortness of the metal, as well as alteration and deterioration of grease, resulting in accidents. ● Locations with a high ambient temperature of 40℃(104℉) or over and humidity that exceeds 90%. ● Locations with a lot of dust, oil or locations that require waterproof properties. ● Locations with...

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ME-5,10-BHand Winch InstructionManual - 9

it out from the bed plate side after winding it half way around along the groove in the end of the drum on the right, wind it half way around along the second groove from the end of the drum on the left, and then wind it to the drum on the right from the stay bolt side. As described now, please wind the wire rope around the left and right drums in spiral form. Ⓐ When taking both ends of the wire rope out of one side, the wire rope needs to be wound around the 3.5 winding drum as shown in the Figure 5-1, and then finally taken out from the bed plate side of the drum on the left. (The groove...

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a. When using an endless wire rope, remove the looseness of the wire rope by sufficiently tightening it with a wire stretcher. (Refer to Figure 7-1) Next, operate the handle to rotate both winch drums about 15 to 20 times each to the left and right in order to remove the looseness of the wire rope between them. (Refer to Figure 7-2) Lastly, use the wire stretcher to do the final tightening one more time, and check that the looseness of the wire rope has been completely removed before conducting the actual work. (Refer to Figure 7-3) b. When using the wire rope in a method other than the...

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● It is shown without the side frame to make it easier to understand. When using a wire stretcher to tighten the wire rope, perform the operation with the side frame set into place. ● Do not apply load when the side frame is removed. When removing the side frame, confirm that no load is applied to the wire rope. 8.How to Operate the Winch, and Pre-work Inspection/Precautions ● Please check that the winch body is completely attached and fixed into place. If you start work while the attachment/fixing of the winch is unstable, it will lead to accidents and injuries. ● Check that the load is...

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If it is necessary to release the brake (pulling out the wire rope from winch drum by hand) in an emergency, first remove the handle from the handle holder. And make sure that no load is applied to the wire rope and winch. Next, lift the stopper arm while pressing the safety spring against the winch, and set the stopper arm to position "B" of red arrow. The drum is now ready to spin and the wire rope can be pulled out by hand. When finished to pulling out the wire rope by hand, be sure to return the stopper arm to the position "A" of green arrow. The stopper arm can get over the safety...

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