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2015 Catalog

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ABOUT US MATE GROUP and MATE USA are the brands resulted from the cooperation between MARCO and TESSILMARE and aims at achieving a leading role in the worldwide marine sector. The international experience of both Italian manufacturers is the foundation on which MATE GROUP will be building its ambitious distribution plan. MATE GROUP has been structured to meet the expectations and stimuli of the contemporary global market. New scenarios have been found to reach such goal, where technological solutions and computer means of communication can be integrated and well-balanced. MATE GROUP stands...

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BIMINI sun-top FOLDABLE BIMINI SUN-TOP The space-saving, foldable Bimini sun-top from Mate USA provides protection and cooling shade while maintaining ventilation, visibility and free movement onboard.The lightweight Bimini is easily set into place with a choice of mounting options. Locking joints on the Bimini’s frame enable it to fold quickly into a compact package, complete with a storage bag. Despite its average weight of just 13 lbs., the Bimini is engineered to withstand speeds up to 33 knots. MAIN FEATURES 3 arches Aluminium white powder coated tubing 0.78” tube diameter Waterproof...

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BIMINI sun-top INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Standard fitting OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES 140-010-025 Optional inflatable boat attachment 140-010-030 Rail mount nylon hinge as option 140-010-002 Flat/side optional fitting COLORS & SIZES REAL WIDTH = 2.7” less than the nominal width NOMINAL WIDTH blue navy Elastic bending Bimini High Serie meas. 60” Bimini High Serie meas. 67” Bimini High Serie meas. 73” Bimini High Serie meas. 79” Bimini High Serie meas. 89” REAL WIDTH = 2.7” less than the nominal width NOMINAL WIDTH Elastic bending

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RADIAL rub rail TIME AND LABOR SAVINGS Fast and easy to install, Radial is the PVC fender profile with no rivals. Different from all the profiles available on the market, Radial can be fitted cold in just a few steps. The soft insert is supplied in coils cut upon request, to avoid waste and unaesthetic interruptions. Easy to install with seamless, European styling. COLD FITTING IN JUST A FEW STEPS NO NEED TO PRE-HEAT FLEXIBLE COLD-FIT RUB RAIL PROVIDES SEAMLESS FINISH U.S. PATENT ENGINEERED BY Rezzonico Massimo MADE BY Tessilmare

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RADIAL rub rail ADVANTAGE Seamless installation, no breaks required Easy to repair or refit Quick install times No pre-heating necessary Saving 2/3 of assembling time BENDING Extremely flexible Easy to bend Perfect hull adhesion JUNCTION Convenient PVC and elegant stainless steel matching joint and end caps give the finishing touch to transoms. TRADITIONAL SYSTEM ISSUES imperfect junctions bending deformation lack of hull adhesion unsightly bolting

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RADIAL installation How to bend: visit our video channel RIGID TRACK INSTALLATION The track can be screwed or riveted without heat or any special tools. Installation is quick and easy with the track able to bend in all directions. SOFT INSERT INSTALLATION The soft insert simply rolls on the installed rigid track. No pre-heating or special tools necessary. Installation is seamless avoiding unsightly joints or waste. END CAP INSTALLATION Once the soft insert is installed, simply cut and screw on the PVC or stainless steel end cap.

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RADIAL rub rail KITS OF RADIAL COLOR -B1 = black -W1 = white The Kit includes: 46’ soft + semirigid tracks + 2 PVC end caps + 1 PVC joint cap The Kit includes: 52’ soft + semirigid tracks + 2 PVC end caps + 1 PVC joint cap The Kit includes: 72’ soft + semirigid tracks + 2 PVC end caps + 1 PVC joint cap Soft Insert Radial 40 Rigid Track Radial 52 Soft Insert Radial 52 Rigid Track Radial 65 Soft Insert Radial 65 Rigid Track Radial 80 Soft Insert Radial 80 Rigid Track Radial 100 Soft Insert Radial 100 Rigid Track Radial 40 Soft Insert Radial 30 Rigid Track Radial 30 STANDARD COLORS RADIAL...

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SPHÆRA rub rail THE NEW FRONTIER OF RUB RAILS Sphæra is the revolutionary fender profile, made of stainless steel co-extruded with rigid and shockproof PVC. Thanks to the innovative structural system, Sphæra is the first fender profile which combines high technical performance with superior aesthetics. Sphæra is the unique, stylish and cutting-edge option for stainless rub rail. ADAPTS EASILY TO THE HULL SHAPE ULTRA LIGHT ULTRA STRONG EASY BENDABLE EUROPEAN STYLING U.S. PATENT ENGINEERED BY Rezzonico Ranieri MADE BY Tessilmare

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SPHÆRA rub rail 3 INSTALLATION OPTIONS Sphæra can be installed three different ways allowing customization for the best aesthetic. FITTED ALONE FITTED WITH A SLIM BASE FITTED WITH A STRONG BASE REDUCE STOCK AND COSTS BY 70% 316 L stainless Exceptionally strong Lightweight Easy to bend and install Doesn’t deform Competitive price Less waste Streamlined aesthetic Easy for repairs or refits

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SPHÆRA rub rail CORE The stainless steel profile is easily adaptable to the hull shape due to the Duralene core. The patented process allows the bar to avoid deformations and bend on difficult angles with minimal effort. BASE The PVC base is supplied in coils cut to specification. This avoids unsightly joints, breaks and misalignment. JOINT & END CAP The joint caps keep the bars perfectly aligned therby avoiding multiple or misspaced drillings. The end caps provide the finishing touch for a streamlined aesthetic. TRADITIONAL SYSTEM ISSUES bending deformation profile flattening bars junction...

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SPHÆRA installation How to bend: visit our video channel PVC BASE INSTALLATION The PVC base is placed on the boat with paper tape. The base is cut to size to avoid waste and breaks. S/S BAR INSTALLATION Steel bars are pre-drilled and are secured together with the base with steel screws. Bow and stern bends are created directly on the boat - the boat acting as a bending template. We recommend the use of a wood template only on very sharp and difficult boat side bends. JOINT AND END CAPS INSTALLATION Well-designed and functional joint caps successfully cover the gaps at joints and keep the...

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