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XSTAR 2018 - 2

FEATURES 1. Forward cleat 2. Horn 3. Anchor storage 4. Bow filler cushion (where equipped) 5. Forward ballast tank (beneath floorboard) 6. Bilge thru-hull outlet 7. ZeroOFF GPS puck 8. Ballast thru-hull vents 9. Navigation Light 10. Battery ON/OFF switch and Circuit breaker panel (in the walk-thru) 11. Instrument panel 12. Midship Cleat 13. Steering wheel 14. Shift/throttle control 15. Engine cutoff lanyard 16. Heated driver’s seat (where equipped) 17. Fire suppression unit manual override 18. Subwoofer 19. Center drain plug (access plate under lid) 20. Fuel tank filler 21. Cooler (under...

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XSTAR 2018 - 3

FOUR ZONE BALLAST SYSTEM Models Every XStar model features four (4) hard sided ballast tanks as standard equipment. When ordered with the Gen 2 Surf System Package, two additional ballast bags are equipped under the rear port and starboard removable floorboards. The XStar ballast system is broken into 4 separate ballast zones to add customization to the wakes and waves. Each zone can be filled to custom fill levels using the helm mounted touchscreen. Profiles in the screen for wakeboarding and surfing also control factory configured ballast tank fill levels. There are four tanks total in...

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XSTAR 2018 - 4

Annual Maintenance MasterCraft recommends scheduling an appointment with an authorized dealer’s service department to have a certified technician perform all impeller changes. Ballast pump impellers should be changed every 100 hours as part of annual maintenance. To change ballast pump impellers: 1. Remove three (3) of the four (4) cover screws. Loosen the fourth screw. Retain the screws for the re-installation process. Swing the cover out of the way to allow access to the impeller. 2. Using needle-nose pliers, pull the old impeller out of the casing. 3. Lubricate the new impeller before...

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