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NXT 22 - 2

MORE IS MORE More fun. More sun. More waves and more of the good times. Everybody loves more. After the big splash we made with the NXT20 we wanted more—much more. Meet the NXT22. It’s taking the entry-level crossover category up to the next level. We started with everything we love about the NXT20 and made it bigger and badder in every way—with more ballast, more power, more maneuverability and more room for more friends.

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NXT 22 - 3

MORE FAMILY MORE FUN Enter the Godfrey clan. Coming straight out of Utah, the stunt-centric first family of fullthrottle fun is taking names and changing games across air, land and water. They’ve overcome doubt, injuries and anything else crazy enough to get in their way. Together, we spent a day on the lake to introduce the NXT22 in a huge way. L to R: Heather, Chanler, Tanner, Meghan, Gregg, Preston, Parks, Shelley and Frog

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NXT 22 - 4

MORE AMPED MORE AWESOME Make a big entrance and keep the energy peaking all day. The NXT22 has more room for your posse to roam, so you can pack more party in the party. So let the guest list run long—there’s plenty of room for 14—and crank your playlist with the optional premium sound system.

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NXT 22 - 5

MORE MUSCLE MORE POSSIBILITY A towboat’s gotta tow and the NXT22 doesn’t hold back—it charges forward with a powerful 5.7L Ilmor V8. This crossover is built to provide more performance everywhere it counts so you can do what you do on a bigger scale. It’s easy to drive and wicked fun to ride behind whether you’re on a tube, a surfboard, skis, wakeboard or inside a giant bouncy house. Hop in, hold on and hit it hard.

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NXT 22 - 13

THIRST FOR MORE The entry-level towboat category just got a lot bigger. At 22 feet, the NXT22 has room to spare, style to burn, and yes...enough cup holders to keep all 14 passengers satisfied. The NXT pairs the features you need in a nimble ride so you can do more and have it all. Slice through water to free ski. Pull out the inflatables and tow the kids without skipping a beat. When you’re in the mood to throw down and wakeboard, no problem. And surfing is amazing with the NXT22’s big ballast and the optional surf system. This is legendary MasterCraft quality available at a price that...

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NXT 22 - 15

DRINK IT UP This is the model that started a revolution. The NXT20 is garage-friendly, supremely drivable and delivers unbelievable value with prices starting in the 50K USD range. It’s the most attainable MasterCraft we’ve ever made and it doesn’t compromise. With performance to spare and style to stare, you can wakeboard, surf, tube and ski to your heart’s content and rest easy knowing it’s built with the quality you expect from a MasterCraft. So raise your cup and drink deep. Here’s to summer spent on the water. LENGTH 20’ 0” / 6.10 M WIDTH AMIDSHIP 91” / 2.31 M INTERIOR WIDTH 81.5” /...

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NXT 22 - 18

10 MORE REASONS TO GO WITH NXT WHAT BUYERS NEED TO ASK WHEN COMPARING VALUE GET MORE MUST-KNOW INFO IN OUR 2015 BOAT BUYER’S GUIDE 01. IS THIS BRAND LEGIT? Every NXT model is a MasterCraft, not an off-brand with our badge slapped on it. We don’t cut corners in places you can’t see like the competition does. We carpet the entire lining of the boat, we use back plates instead of driving screws into raw fiberglass and we use one common harness across every MasterCraft—not a different one for the entry-level. We flat out refuse to build an inferior boat that gives the customer “just enough” to...

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NXT 22 - 19

No matter what you’re up to, the NXT line is going to perform better than other entry-level boats. The NXT’s custom built hull offers the best handling, surfing and wakeboarding in the category. The optional surf system is custom designed to work with the NXT hull. It provides a superior wave and hard ballast tanks instead of soft-sided sacks to make the entire experience more reliable and easier. The best proof of performance is to experience the difference for yourself. Always demo and compare before you commit. 07. IS THE SURF CAPABILITY EASY AND EPIC? The NXT surf system is custom...

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NXT 22 - 20

For nearly 50 years MasterCraft has made its mark with premium products. The reason our boats can command a high resale value is because we build them right in the first place. This includes many standard features other brands consider optional. We believe quality is not optional. From the big picture to the smallest details, you’ll find there is no comparison. The NXT was designed using the same engineering, materials and craftsmanship you’ll find in our top-of-the-line X Series boats. BILLET ALUMINUM MATERIALS ILMOR ENGINES THE HIGHEST PUNCTURE-RESISTANT VINYL GAS-ASSISTED SEAT CLOSURES...

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NXT 22 - 21

MASTERCARE AND NXT. MORE WARRANTY. MORE PEACE OF MIND. Compare every warranty on the water, and you’ll find a huge gap where other brands fall short and MasterCraft shines. MasterCare is the industry’s only one-time fully transferrable lifetime structural warranty and five year, bow-to-stern componentry warranty. This is double the industry standard. And it’s 100% fulfilled by MasterCraft —not an aftermarket policy or series of sub-policies underwritten by a hodgepodge of component suppliers. Other manufacturers claim five year warranties, but they count on you not reading the fine print.

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NXT 22 - 23

GET THE NXT22 SHIRT AND GO FULL THROTTLE CLICK HERE TO GET IT All stunts and performances seen in this book were conducted by professional drivers and athletes under the supervision of professionals in controlled conditions. Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, re-enact or perform any stunt or other activity depicted in this book, as serious personal injury or property damage may result. MasterCraft, its affiliates and/or the producers or individuals associated with this book are not responsible for any personal injury or damage that may occur due to a failure to adhere to this warning,...

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