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CONGRATULATIONS On your boating choice! MasterCraft is the recognized world leader for inboard boats today and has been for over forty-five years. The quality, innovation, selection and value of MasterCraft boats are unmatched in the industry. Please take a few minutes to read this Owner's Manual completely, in addition to carefully reviewing any additional information provided in the accompanying packet. These publications will help to answer most of the remaining questions you may have regarding the new boat. If you have any additional questions after reading these publications, please...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 4

SAFETY KNOWLEDGE Prior to operation, be certain that all passengers are aware of where the safety equipment is stowed, the location of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers and how this equipment is used. In case of emergency, be sure that at least one other person on-board understands how to operate the boat. Your safety, as well as the safety of others with and around you, is a direct result of how you operate and maintain your boat. You—and anyone who will be operating this boat—should read and seek to fully comprehend this Owner's Manual, and any additional information provided...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 5

AMERICAN RED CROSS, NATIONAL HQ 2025 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20006 1-800-733-2767 U.S.A. WATER SKI ASSOCIATION 1251 Holy Cow Road Polk City FL 33868 (863) 324-4341 BOAT OWNERS ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES 880 South Pickett Street Alexandria VA 22304 (703) 461-2878 NATIONAL SAFE BOATING COUNCIL 9500 Technology Drive Suite 104 Manassas, VA 20110 (730) 361-4294 U.S. COAST GUARD AUXILIARY 2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, SE Washington, DC 20593-7501 (202) 267-1001

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MasterCraft 2019 - 6

Failure to comply with the requirement of operating the blower for at least four (4) minutes before starting the engine may result in serious injury or death to you and/or others. • Never remove or modify any components of the fuel system. Removal or modification of any component of the fuel system may cause a hazardous situation and will void the warranty. The modern MasterCraft fuel delivery lines are pressurized and attempting to loosen or remove them may result in the uncontrolled release of fuel, which can be environmentally hazardous, and can cause injury. • Never allow any type of...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 7

CONSISTENT ATTENTION REQUIRED When anchoring the boat, you MUST turn OFF the engine. In most models, exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide are emitted from the exhaust flap area of the transom immediately below the swim platform. No one should ever be on the swim platform or transom while the engine is operating. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, odorless and poisonous gas that accumulates rapidly and can cause serious injury or death. Exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal in a matter of minutes. Exposure to even low concentrations of carbon monoxide must not be ignored...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 8

EMERGENCY TREATMENT FOR CO POISONING CO poisoning or toxicity is a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate action. The following is a list of things that should be done if CO poisoning is suspected. Proceed with caution. The victim may be in an area of CO concentration, which means you or others could be in danger from exposure to CO: • Inadequately ventilated canvas enclosures. • Evaluate the situation and ventilate the area if possible. • Another vessel’s exhaust. CO from the boat docked next to you can be just as deadly as that emitted from your own boat. • Evacuate the area...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 9

WEIGHT LIMITS AND DISTRIBUTION All boats have weight limits. Failure to adhere to the posted limits can cause operation instability and/or the boat to sink. This may result in serious injury or death, as well as significant damage to the boat, which will not be covered by warranty. Overloading a boat may cause it to become unstable and may potentially result in the boat’s flotation system becoming overwhelmed. Too much weight can sink any boat. Within this Owner’s Manual and on a label mounted in each boat is the Maximum Capacity for that specific model. Bear in mind that maximum limits...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 10

EVENTS REQUIRING SAFETY KNOWLEDGE Fire on-board is among the most serious of matters that boaters can experience. Due to the close proximity of fuel tanks and a number of electrically operated items that can result in a spark or arc, any and all fires on a boat should be a matter for immediate action. While your MasterCraft boat is equipped with a fire suppression system and fire extinguishers (except models imported into Japan), it is important to make a quick and calculated decision regarding any fires. If the extinguishing/suppression materials do not quickly extinguish the fire, it may...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 11

range. There should be no obvious physical damage, rust, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzles. Additionally, if the extinguisher has not been used, it should be weighed annually to assure that the minimum weight as stated on the label still exists. Any fire extinguisher that has been partially emptied must be replaced as soon as possible. In an automatic/manual system, ensure the pin inserted to protect the system at the helm during transit from the factory (pictured above) has been pulled to activate the system. This is part of dealer preparation, but it is the responsibility of the boat...

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MasterCraft 2019 - 12

RUNNING AGROUND OR STRIKING UNDERWATER OBJECTS Ascertain whether there is damage to the hull. If water can be stopped from entering the boat, cautiously return to dock. Have the boat checked out by your authorized MasterCraft dealer to be certain that the hull has not been weakened. Even if water does not intrude initially, difficulties may occur later. If water is entering the boat after running aground or striking an underwater object, call or signal for assistance. Abandon ship, if necessary. Do not attempt to out-run a significant leak, as it can be difficult to estimate how long it will...

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