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"MARTEC FOLDING PROPS ADD SIGNIFICANT ! IN MODERATE WINDS, 0.5 KNOTS OVER 2-BLADE PRC ABOUT MARTEC ENGINEERING... Form follows function. Elegant. Sculpted.Powerful. Even more powerful performance. Our folding props deliver unparalleled performance, matching and bet- tering fixed two-blade props. Since 1964 we have continually refined and upgraded the Martec folding prop. We have redefined the concept of low-drag sailboat propellers, creat- ing a family of folding, feathering and fixed blade props. We've literally changed the expectations for sailboat auxil- iary power and sailing...

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JAILING SPEED OVER FIXED-BLADE PROPS. )PS AND 0.75-1.0 KNOTS OVER 3-BLADE PROPS." Gary Beck, Martec Engineering We call it the Mark IV Geartec. It's truly a rugged solution for a delicate problem. From the start we designed in bigger gears and a larger pivot pin for strength and reliability. Then we carefully integrated it with the most compact hub and blade design possible to achieve the best drag reduc- The large toothed gears (the largest of any geared folder) make the Mark IV virtually impervious teeth of some older teeth provide marine growth fourth generation blade figured for geared...

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"THIS WILL DO MORE FOR A BOAT'S SAILING PERFORMANCE THAN ANYTHING I CAN DO TO A SUIT OF SAILS." GENERAL FEATURES • Refined blade design maximizes forward and reverse • Cast in high strength marine bronze • Monel pivot pins for improved anti-corrosion • Monel fasteners • Lowest drag of any available folding propeller Sailing speed gains of one-half to three-quarter knots over fixed two-blade & three-blade props Larger gear teeth for greater strength and reliability Saildrive version comes with rubber cushioned hub Five year warranty backed by thirtyfive years of sales 2257 W. Gaylord Street,...

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