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EXCEL RACING I EXCEL ELITE 78 (4, 5, 6mm) Average Break Load (kg) 139 224 463 Average Break Load (kg) 110 202 377 702 EXCEL MATRIX Average Break Load (kg) 1768 1915 Average Break Load (kg) 1088 1333 1411 Average Break Load (kg) 610 941 EXCEL CONTROL Average Break Load (kg) 562 877 Average Break Load (kg) 428 617 Average Break Load (kg) 2056 3487 5360 3 STRAND STANDARD POLYESTER Average Break MULTIPLAIT NYLON Average Break ROPE CARE At Marlow, we know what our ropes will do. How well they can be expected to perform. How long they are likely to last and under what conditions. That's our business. The fact remains that the best ropes in the world deserve to be well looked after in order to preserve their reliability, durability and performance. Coiling and Uncoiling Not always as simple as it sounds. Pulling wrongly from a coil or reel can cause kinks where one strand turns over into a tight little loop and stands out like a vein much reducing the strength of the rope. The answer is to coax out the kink before any damage is done. Nipping A sharp bend is something to avoid. It means that only about half of the rope's fibres are taking the load - the remaining fibres being rendered ineffective by compression. This in turn puts undue strain on the remaining fibres. Wear If signs of wear are there to see, the rope can be reversed one end to the other in order to spread the wear. Alternatively, use slightly longer ropes than needed in the first place and periodically move the bearing position a few inches. The furry look of a well used synthetic rope may indicate a slight strength loss however the hairy surface helps to protect the rope against further abrasion. If the rope shows excessive wear i.e. a plaited cover worn right through, the rope will need to be replaced. Abrasion Something to watch for with every rope. Checking the blocks, cleats and fairleads for burrs and imperfections allowing the rope to pass freely minimise the risk, although many problems are often due to using the wrong sized rope for the fitting. Only a regular inspection will keep you out of trouble. Information on recommended sheave diameters are available from our technical Heat Damage Friction can cause strands to melt both externally and internally. But as the melting point of most rope fibre are between 130° - 260°C the risk of real damage under normal sailing conditions is slight. If you think a rope has been overloaded, open the strands to check for heat damage (fusing of strands). Splicing A correctly spliced rope has between 90 - 95% of the strength of the unspliced rope. Regular inspection of the splice makes sense. For example, a plaited rope splice where new fibres sometimes appear at the neck. If this can be seen the splice is slipping. End Of Season Salt crystals will affect the life and efficiency of ropes so, at the end of each season, soak them in fresh warm water. There's no problem in storing synthetic ropes in a wet state. The risk of deterioration is minimal. The real risk is if they remain in the same position for long periods of use. KEEL BOATS Sheets and Halyards Size Selector Charts show usual sail area in square feet for a given boat length in metres. If your boat is rigged with larger sails, use the rope size indicated for the sail area. All rope diameters are based on polyester lines. When Dyneema lines are used downsizing diameter may be possible. Please refer to product break loads opposite. OVERALL YACHT Approx. Sail Area sq.ft. SHEET SIZE diameter (mm) Suggested SHEET ropes. MARLOWBRAID, Mattbrald, D2 Racing HALYARD SIZE diameter (mm] Suggested HALYARD ropes. Marlowbrald, D12 Racing Rememberfor D2 Racing, V2Raclng Sheets or Halyards you can go down a size MOORING ROPES diameter (mm] Displacement (approx) Suggested MOORING ropes. 3-Strand Standard Polyester, Dockllnes ANCHORS WARPS, PAINTER LINES NYLON (KEDGE) Suggested ropes. Multiplait nylon Sizes are diameter (mm) HALYARDS - Excel Elite, SHEETS - Excel Matrix, Colour Excel Racing, Excel D12 Excel Fusion, Excel Code CONTROL LINES For continuous control lines use Excel Control Alternatively If high strength is required use Excel Racing or Excel D12. Remember, this selection guide holds only part of Marlow's extensive range - ask your local Marlow dealer for information on our other products, or visit RIGGING GUIDE Stretch factors ■ Dyneema* (e.g. Excel Racing, D12, D2) □ Vectran*(e.g. Excel Vectran, V12) ■ Polyester (e.g. Excel Pro, Marlowbraid, Doublebraid) ■ Nylon (e.g. Multiplait Nylon, 3 Strand Nylon) The three-way stretch Th ere are three terms for the ways in which halyards and sheets stretch undertension: (1) Elastic stretch - in which recovery is total and immediate: (2) Recoverable stretch - difficult to allow for, because recovery towards the original length (3) Non recove ra ble stretch (creep and constructional elongation) This elongation is permanent and is due to changes in the rope geometry and fibre creep. The graph shows the total stretch of a selection of Marlow ropes after being bedded in by cycling to 50% of their break load. 'Marlow' and the 'Black Marker' are registered trade marks of MARLOW ROPES LTD. Marlow Ropes Ltd endeavour to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest standards, these guidelines are for information only and do not create any warranties, expressedor implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Marlow Ropes Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever relating from the use of these guidelines. Marlow Ropes Ltd has a policy of continual improvement which may result in specification and colour changes without prior notice. Dyneema ® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM NM Technora ®isa recognised trademark.

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EXCEL DINGHY SERIES EXCEL RACING 12 Strand Colour Matched Dyneema ® SK75 Core I 16 Plait Polyester Cover ^ Halyards | Sheets | Control lines | Kickers | Out/downhauls WHITE BLACK LIME 12 Strand Dyneema ® Core - Even easierto taper (4mm+).* New 16 Plait cover significantly improves abrasion resistance and grip. Holds in cleats, makes It Ideal for halyards and control lines. Distinctive new colours and colour matched cores, ensures easy Marlow Pre-Stretched Dyneema ® SK75 cores ensures line will have minima stretch when used EXCEL MATRIX Gold Medal Edition Limited for 2012 I 12 Strand colour...

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