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-.-Every' 'business " can : ': be"' defined by where they've _ come from, how they conduct themselves and where they plan to - be. So it is at Marlow, where these thoughts define everything' we do. We are extremely proud of our heritage - not only as a brand recognised around the world for quality, performance and innovation, but as a business with ties to the local community going back over 200 years. However, with our history and reputation comes responsibility and we are committed to maintaining the quality and service that our customers have come to expect. As to the future, we strive...

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STATIC LSK Marlow Static LSK is a low stretch kernmantle rope designed for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling. Static LSK ropes are manufactured using high quality high tenacity polyamide and significantly out perform the standard CE 1891 test standards with outstanding dynamic properties. Compatible with all relevant diameter rope management, climbing and descending devices, Static LSK also comes in a range of flecked or solid colours and have a visible year of manufacture marker as standard. Applications Industrial access, work positioning, abseiling, caving. Key...

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Reflective Static LSK is a low stretch kernmantle rope designed for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling at night or in dark or confined working conditions where visibility of the line is important. Reflective Static LSK ropes have the same specification and outstanding dynamic properties of our standard product. Compatible with all relevant diameter rope management, climbing and descending devices, Reflective Static LSK is available in a range of colour options. Applications    Benefits Industrial access, work positioning.    High strength, high elongation, high abseiling,...

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AERIS A lightweight Nylon 11mm static climbing rope, Type A EN 1891 compliant and designed for weight saving. Typically used with single rope techniques. Aeris has excellent abrasion resistance and works with conventional climbing hardware designed for use with 11mm ropes. Applications Climbing. Key attributes High flex / soft handling, high elongation, high visibility, CE Certified, ANSI Z133. Benefits High elongation, excellent energy absorption for safety, serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance, lightest weight, good abrasion resistance, flexible & easily...

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ACCESS ROPES This standard specifies requirements for life safety rope and associated equipment used to support emergency services personnel and civilians during rescue, fire fighting, or other emergency operations, or during training. STATIC LSK2 Marlow Static LSK2 is a low stretch kernmantle rope designed for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling. Static LSK2 ropes are manufactured using high quality high tenacity polyamide and significantly out perform the standard CE 1891 test standards with outstanding dynamic properties as well as being fully NFPA compliant....

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PH-I STATIC2 pH-I Static2 has a unique colour change marker that will change from yellow to red when exposed to strong acids. Even a 20 seconds exposure to some acids can weaken a rope by 25%, compromising safety. Longer exposure will increase this strength loss. pH-I Static (Permanent Halochromic Indicating) offers a clearly defined permanent colour change, indicating when a rope has been compromised by strong acid chemicals and should be retired. NFPA 1983 certified static rope with all the usual benefits of Marlow Static LSK. Applications Industrial access, cleaning with chemicals, paint...

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Marlow Access LSK is a low stretch kernmantle rope designed for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling. Access LSK ropes are manufactured from 100% high tenacity polyester and offer excellent strength with slightly lower elongation than polyamide (nylon) static ropes. Fully NFPA compliant and compatible with all relevant diameter rope management, climbing and descending devices, Access LSK is available in a range of high visibility solid colours for clear identification. Applications Industrial access, work positioning, abseiling, caving. Key attributes Low stretch, high flex /...

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DIABLO Key attributes High abrasion resistance, high flex / soft handling, high elongation, CE Certified, heat resistant. Benefits Light weight, high strength, good energy absorption, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent heat resistance, improved insulation buffer zone, improved cut resistance, single cover easily inspected for damage, works well with ascenders and descenders. Marlow Diablo is a high quality, CE certified Type A rope with a special heat resistant cover. Designed for military, police and emergency services, Diablo is essential for all rope access professionals...

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ARAMID ABSEIL Heat generated from rapid descents can in some cases melt polyester fibres of regular ropes. Marlow have used the heat resistant properties of Aramid fibres to create an abseil rope with a cover that doesn't melt and has the decomposition temperature of 500°C. Based on the tough Black Marlow abseil rope, Aramid Abseil is essential for all professionals who require a low stretch rappelling rope with outstanding resistance to extreme environments and hard use. Applications Abseiling, rappelling, rapid descent. Key attributes Low Stretch, high abrasion resistance, high flex /...

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