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Marine Rope Catalogue

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introduction PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE... • • To have a name steeped in history and recognised around the world for quality, performance and innovation is often an unattainable dream for many businesses. But for Marlow Ropes, this is reality. However, at Marlow we do not sit back and glory in our history because with this recognition and reputation also comes responsibility. A responsibility to the future and to achieve our goals… This catalogue details our standard chandlery and boatbuilding range and the benefits to be gained from each product. We’ve tried to include all the information you...

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Some of our performance partners who choose Marlow Ropes and Marlow’s Grand Prix Series: RS-800 and Cherub Clipper Round the World Skandia Team GBR FFV ICAP Leopard All trademarks are recognised: Vectran ®, Technora ® Dyneema ® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V. uds h ro uls /S eze Tra p s tay c ks Ba ops L in es g hin S tr L as Tie s/ ick er ow /K /D Van g uls th a Ou l Li r/ nes A sy n t ro Co ake inn Sp nha mm s e et Jib Sh A sy in / r/ ake inn Ma Ha Sp Jib in / Ma Dinghies, sports boats and windsurfing l ya rd mm etr i etr i cS cH aly hee ts a rd “Marlow” and the “Black Marker”...

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D2 GRAND PRIX 78 12 Strand Dyneema ® SK78 core | 24 plait polyester/Technora < Halyards | Sheets | Guys | Control lines | Reefing lines | Runner-tails | Control Lines i blended cover I 200m reels Average Break Load • Colour Coded Dyneema SK78 Core: • Dyneema SK78 ensures zero creep - No re-tensioning of halyards maintaining perfect sail shape and trim. • Colour coded enables easy line identification Polyester/Technora Blended cover provides: • Superior grip on winches. • Improved grip in jammers and clutches. • High heat resistance when easing sheets. • Excellent durability around high...

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V2 RACING 12 Strand Vectran ® core | 24 plait polyester cover | 100m & 200m reels Halyards | Guys | Control lines | Out/downhauls | Reefing lines | Runner-tails | Vang Average Break • No stretch or creep - No re-tensioning of halyards, maintaining perfect sail shape • Polyester jacket provides superior performance in clutches and jammers and gives excellent abrasion resistance and greater longevity . D2 COMPETITION 75 12 Strand Dyneema ® SK75 core | 16 plait polyester traction jacket and cover | 100m & 200m Halyards | Sheets | Guys | Control lines | Out/downhauls | Reefing lines |...

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DOUBLEBRAID 12 strand braided polyester core | Braided polyester 24 plait cover | 100m & 200m reels Sheets | Guys | Control lines | Out/downhauls | Runner-tails | Reefing lines | Vang | Furlers WHITE WITH RED FLECK GOLD FLECK Average Break • Braid on Braid construction - easily spliced • Versatile rope can be used on most applications on cruising boats. • Construction provides a soft and flexible rope - easy handling Productcode (Flecked) KA**** (Solid) KG**** MARLOWBRAID 3 strand polyester core | 16 plait polyester cover | 100m & 200m reels Halyards | Sheets | Guys | Control lines |...

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7 Image © Timothy Ettridge, Clipper 07-08 Race Image © Dean Tremyl/TEAMORIGIN, Julien Cressant

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DINGHY & WINDSURF There can be no better endorsement than being the official rope supplier to the multi-gold medal winning Skandia Team GBR, and the rope of choice of countless other international and national class champions. Marlow were the first to produce a co-ordinated and complementary range of ropes specifically designed for dinghy's and sports boats, In this issue you will see we have introduced some more colours and diameter's on certain Excel products which offer even more choice and performance. Official Supplier EXCEL ELITE 78 12 strand Dyneema i Halyards | Vang | Backstays...

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EXCEL PRO Twisted polyester core Halyards | Sheets | Control lines | Kickers 16 plait polyester cover | 100m & 200m reels Average Break • Distinctive colours, makes for easy line identification while racing. • Twisted polyester core reduces stretch for an economic price. • Durable 16 plait cover protects against wear, increasing the lines life. • Rope holds in cleats well making it ideal for halyards and control lines. 2mm & 3mm available in mixed packs of handy Mini-Spools. EXCEL FUSION 75 Dyneema ® SK75 core | Blended Dyneema ® & polypropylene cover | 100m & 200m reels Average Break EXCEL...

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DINGHY & WINDSURF Control lines | Trapeze lines | Kicker | Out/downhauls | Lashings | Backstays Average Break EXCEL D12 MAX 78 12 strand Dyneema ® SK78 | 200m reels Trapeze lines | Kicker | Out/downhauls | Standing rigging | Lowers | Backstays • Lightweight - reduces weight, especially at the top of the rig when used as a halyard. • Marlow ArmourCoat, increases the life of the rope by reducing UV and abrasion fatigue. • Does not absorb water so floats and remains light weight when sailing. • Quick and easy to splice, less time preparing the boat more time on the water. Average Break EXCEL...

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EXCEL CONTROL Twisted polypropylene core | Polyester & Technora ® cover | 200m reels Control lines Average Break Load EXCEL PS12 12 strand polyester | pre-stretched | 200m reels Halyards | Control lines | Tails | Out/downhauls | Kicker | Lazy Jacks • Specifically designed for use as a continuous control line • Durable Technora & polyester cover for high strength and abrasion resistance • Light weight polypropylene core • Snakeskin cover allows polyester yarns to be tapered out when splicing • End to end splice with no diameter increase. Average Break Load • 12 strand construction allows...

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DINGHY & WINDSURF EXCEL VECTRAN Vectran ® core | 16 plait polyester cover | 100m & 200m reels Halyards | Control lines | Lashing Average Break • Hard wearing polyester cover • Flexibility through tight radii • High strength EXCEL MARSTRON 16 plait polypropylene | polypropylene core | 100m & 200m reels Average Break Load • Very lightweight floating mainsheet reducing overall sailing weight. • Cost effective option for light airs. • 16 plait cover provides smooth profile but maintains grip for the user. 8 PLAIT MARSTRON 8 plait polypropylene cover | polypropylene core | 100m & 200m reels...

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