Definitive Rope Guide ISSUE 3 - 56 Pages

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Definitive Rope Guide ISSUE 3

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PAST PRESENT FUTURE Every business can be defined by where they’ve come from, how they conduct themselves and where they plan to be. So it is at Marlow, where these thoughts define everything we do. We are extremely proud of our heritage – not only as a brand recognised around the world for quality, performance and innovation, but as a business with ties to the local community going back over 200 years. However, with our history and reputation comes responsibility and we are committed to maintaining the quality and service that our customers have come to expect. As to the future, we strive...

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contents Company profile Marlow sectors Grand Prix Series Grand Prix Projects Core technical reference grand prix cores Grand prix cover technology Grand prix covers accessories & customisations sUPER YACHT series 16 Projects & technology 17 Running Rigging 19 mooring 21 oceanus 21 classic series Classic projects high tech classics traditional classics Cruiser & racer series Running rigging definitions cruiser racer products excel dinghy series Sponsored sailors / teams running rigging definitions Excel dinghy products Extreme sports mooring 42 Accessories 46 splicing tools 47 webbing &...

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company profile Quality, Innovation, Technical Excellence In 1807 Thomas Burfield opened his rope factory in Hailsham, East Sussex and, over 200 years later, Marlow Ropes continue to manufacture ropes on the same site. In the mid 1950’s Burfield and Son’s was incorporated into the expanding Hawkins and Tipson Rope Group, founded by George Hawkins and Alfred Tipson in 1881. At this time, the factory in Hailsham was one of the first in the world to be manufacturing synthetic fibre ropes. These ropes were specifically made for the yachting industry under the new "Marlow" brand. These new nylon...

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grand prix series grand prix series On our MOD70 Trimaran, Phaedo3, we are delighted to have begun a partnership with Marlow to develop customised solutions for our running rigging requirements. Marlow has the capabilities to optimise each piece of rope to our exact needs and couple that with the great reliability of their products, its a great fit for our campaign. The Grand Prix Series uses the highest performance materials such as Dyneema® SK99, Zylon®, Technora®, Kevlar® Teflon® and Zyex®. These materials offer attributes to covers and cores such as higher strength, improved abrasion...

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grand prix series grand prix projects Some of the boats supplied with Marlow Grand Prix Series through our Grand Prix Rigging Partners. COMANCHE *WSSRC: 24 hour distance (monohull) 1st Maxi worlds (maxi rc) 2nd les voiles de st barths 2015 2nd transatlantic race 2015 Wild oats team concise RAMBLER 88 1st les voiles de st barths 2015 1st transatlantic race 2015 3rd RORC Caribbean 600 AZZURRA 1st Quantum racing 2nd SLEd 3rd PLAtoon 4th alegre 6th provezza 7th gladiator 8th paprec recyclage 9th RAN Racing 10th spookie 12th vesper 13th interlodge 14th Magic Carpet 3 2nd palma vela 2015 OPEN...

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grand prix series core technical reference Marlow’s Grand Prix Series offers a range of core options using Dyneema®, Vectran® and Zylon® (PBO). Each material has it’s own particular strengths and weaknesses. Dyneema® offers by far the best strength to weight ratio of any material used in rope manufacture and is the material of choice for high performance cores. At Marlow we offer a range of Dyneema® cores to suit strength and handling preferences as well as budget. Dyneema® is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is available in a number of different grades. All grades...

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grand prix series material elongation comparison graphs When elongation is measured as a % of break load (fig. 4), it is shown that whilst Zylon® offers the lowest elongation followed by Dyneema® in D12 Max and then D12, there is no differential between SK78 and SK99. However, when elongation is measured at a given load (for example 4,000kg), which is more relevant to specifying rope for on board applications (fig.5), it can be seen that the advantages of SK99 over SK78 in terms of elongation are clear. This is because the rope is working at a lower percentage of the its break load....

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GRAND PRIX SERIES (Grand Prix Cores specified uncovered or covered with an MGP Cover detailed on page 13) Material: Dyneema® Available in SK99 and SK78 Extras: Marlow's Super Pre-Stretch process, ArmourCoat Features: Ultimate high strength, lightweight, low elongation ropes For high-load, diameter or safety critical applications, D12 Max is the only choice, either covered or uncovered. Stiffer than standard D12, D12 Max is taken to the limit of its physical properties during the manufacture process resulting in a rope unrivalled in strength and low elongation. Max 99 offers approximately...

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grand prix series Cover Technology The interaction between core, cover and deck gear are fundamental elements of a rope’s performance. The Grand Prix Series blends technical materials to impart application specific properties to the cover. Grand Prix Series covers can be specifically and uniquely customised to particular requirements using different material blend ratios and blends of 3 or even 4 materials. The properties of different materials will have varying impact on the interaction between rope & deck gear, by blending different materials in different ratios we are able to best...

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GRAND PRIX SERIES cover offers good all- round performance. Cost effective option for general purpose lines Clutch & Jammer Performance Winch Drum Performance Abrasion Resistance Thermal Resistance Water Absorption & abrasion resistance load, high temperature runners and high load sheets where winch easing Clutch & Jammer Performance Winch Drum Performance Abrasion Resistance Thermal Resistance Water Absorption blend offers higher heat & abrasion resistance that expense of grip. More turns will ease smoothly. Clutch & Jammer Performance Winch Drum Performance Abrasion Resistance Thermal...

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