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DATASHEET D2 RACING 78 & D2 GRAND PRIX 78 D2 Grand Prix 78 has a Dyneema core and Technora/Polyester blended cover which offers the sailor a high strength, light weight, abrasion resistant, grippy and heat resistant rope. D2 Racing has a polyester cover with Dyneema core and is the ideal option across all applications on board. APPLICATIONS Halyards, Sheets, Guys, Reefing Lines, Runner-Tails, Control Lines, Out/Downhauls, Vang, Furlers MATERIAL CORE: Manufactured from Dyneema SK78 HMPE (High-Modulus Polyethylene) Very light weight - more than 8x lighter than steel wire for a given strength High strength - 80% stronger than steel wire for a given weight Low Stretch - see graph below Good resistance to chemicals and UV Zero water shrinkage Very low creep HMPE fibre Exhibits approximately 20% of the creep experienced by SK75. Further information available. D2 RACING 78 COVER: Manufactured from Polyester Good abrasion resistance Excellent UV resistance D2 GRAND PRIX 78 COVER: Manufactured from Technora/Polyester blend Good UV resistance Excellent abrasion and heat resistance CONSTRUCTION TWISTED FIBRE CONSTRUCTION: Improved abrasion resistance 12 STRAND BRAIDED CONSTRUCTION: Optimised pitch to yarn twist - improves strength and longevity Firmer rounder rope, aids handling Easy to splice Flexible product and easily handled Torque balanced 24 PLAIT BRAIDED COVER CONSTRUCTION: Protects load bearing core from dirt and abrasion Round and firm construction

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PROPERTIES RELATIVE DENSITY:    1.15 Exact figure varies with diameter CHEMICAL RESISTANCE:    Excellent resistance to most chemicals (additional information available on request). UV RESISTANCE:    Good MELTING POINT:    Core: 140°C - Cover: 260°C (Polyester), 500°C (Technora) CRITICAL TEMPERATURE (CORE):    80°C (prolonged exposure to temperatures over this will result in permanent strength loss) TERMINATIONS SPLICED EYE TERMINATION: 12 strand core splice An allowance of 40x rope diameter should be made for the overall length of the splice. To optimise the efficiency of a soft eye splice...

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