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Marlow D12 PLUS+ is a premium and versatile “allround” rope offering a lightweight, high strength and flexible alternative to steel wire and even polyester ropes. D12 PLUS+ has been designed to offer significantly improved strength, handling and service life and subsequently can provide a more cost effective solution compared to more traditional products. CONSTRUCTION: TWISTED FIBRE CONSTRUCTION: • Improved abrasion resistance 12 STRAND BRAIDED CONSTRUCTION: • Optimised pitch to yarn twist – improves strength & longevity • Firmer rounder rope, aids handling • Easy to splice • Flexible product and easily handled • Torque balanced COATING OPTIONS: Marlow ArmourCoat (standard finish): • Specially formulated polyurethane coating • Improves abrasion resistance and durability • Increases friction, aids handling & splicing • Provides colour coding (Black as standard, other colour options available on request) Marlow GripCoat • Synthetic Polymer Anionic Coating • Prevents ingress of dirt and abrasive particles • Provides “self healing” properties • Increases coefficient of friction • Significantly improves core/cover adhesion Marlow CoolCoat • Enhances bending performance • Reduces yarn on yarn abrasion and heat generation a factor of 2 • Applied at rope manufacture stage Dyneema XBO • Improves flex fatigue experienced in continuous cyclic bending • Reduces yarn on yarn abrasion and heat generation be a factor of 5 • Applied at yarn manufacture stage – can be used in conjunction with any of the above coatings MATERIAL: Manufactured from • HMPE (High-Modulus Polyethylene) Dyneema SK75: • Very light weight – 8x lighter than steel wire for a given strength • High strength - 70% stronger than steel wire for a given weight • Low Stretch – see table below • Good resistance to chemicals and UV • Zero water shrinkage Additional features of • Very low creep HMPE fibre Dyneema SK78: • Exhibits approximately 20% of the creep experienced by SK75. PROPERTIES: • Relative Density: • Chemical Resistance: • UV Resistance: • Melting Point: • Critical Temperature: • 0.97 (floats) • Excellent resistance to most chemicals (additional information available on request) • Very good • 1

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TERMINATIONS: • Spliced eye termination:    • Diameters up to & including 44mm - 12 strand splice • Diameters 48mm and over - 12 strand tuck splice • An allowance of 60x rope diameter should be made for the overall length of the splice. • To optimise the efficiency of a soft eye splice (without a thimble), the angle formed at the neck of the splice should be 30°or less, meaning that when flat, the length of the eye must be 2.7x the diameter of the object over which the splice will be used. • In a sling configuration, attention must be paid to the distance between the two splices. For...

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