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D12 78

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Manufactured using Dyneema’s SK78 fibre, D12 78 sets the standard for high performance lightweight ropes and cores. The workhorse of any racing yacht, uncovered D12 can be used for strops, lashing, and purchase systems, backstays and some halyards. With a cover, D12 is ideal for sheets halyards, runners, control lines etc. APPLICATIONS Sailing, Halyards, Strops, Tacklines, Lashings, Purchase Systems MATERIAL Manufactured from Dyneema SK78 HMPE (High-Modulus Polyethylene) Very light weight - 6x lighter than steel wire for a given strength High strength - 60% stronger than steel wire for a given diameter Low Stretch - see graph below Good resistance to chemicals and UV Zero water shrinkage Low creep HMPE fibre CONSTRUCTION TWISTED FIBRE CONSTRUCTION: Improved abrasion resistance 12 STRAND BRAIDED CONSTRUCTION: Optimised pitch to yarn twist - improves strength & longevity Firmer rounder rope, aids handling Easy to splice Flexible product and easily handled Torque balanced HEAT SET AND PRE-STRETCHED: Improves strength / diameter ratio Reduces initial elongation COATING OPTIONS MARLOW ARMOURCOAT (STANDARD FINISH): Specially formulated polyurethane coating Improves abrasion resistance and durability Increases friction, aids handling & splicing Provides colour coding MARLOW GRIPCOAT: Synthetic Polymer Anionic Coating Prevents ingress of dirt and abrasive particles Provides “self healing” properties Increases coefficient of friction Significantly improves core/cover adhesion MARLOW COOLCOAT: Enhances bending performance Reduces yarn on yarn abrasion and heat generation by a factor of 2 Applied at rope manufacture stage PROPERTIES RELATIVE DENSITY: CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: UV RESISTANCE: MELTING POINT: CRITICAL TEMPERATURE: 0.97 (floats) Excellent resistance to most chemicals (additional information available on request) Very good 140°C 80°C (exposure to temperatures over this will result in permanent strength

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