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MARLIN Yacht Paints PE Discover the efficacy of VELOX PLUS

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VELOX PLUS Antifouling for propellers VELOX PLUS is an antifouling paint suitable for protection of propellers, stern drives, shafts, trim tabs and other metallic parts permanently immersed. It provides excelent adhesion and antifouling properties. APPLICATION Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary tools, paints and solvents: 1. METAL PRIMER 2. VELOX PLUS 3. SOLVENTE 102 (or pure ACETONE) 4. PPE (mask, gloves, etc. - read label) 5. Stirring paddle 6. Sandpaper n. 80 7. Clean rags 8. Brushes 1. SURFACE PREPARATION Surface preparation can be divided into three steps: 1.1...

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IMPORTANT: All metallic surfaces must be rough and clean. Do not touch the surfaces with bare hands, that may leave traces of grease or dirt. For cleaning grease and dirt use only our SOLVENTE 102 or pure Acetone. Absolutely do not wash the sanded surface with water, soap, detergents, acid! NOTE: We suggest protecting bare aluminium with an appropriate epoxy coating (after careful surface preparation as explained above). This is not necessary when aluminium is already proteceted with factory finish (like new stern drives). On epoxy cycles or factory finish, just lightly sand the surface...

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2.3 Wait at least 3 hours at 68° F (20 ° C) then apply a second coat of VELOX PLUS (wet film thickness 100 µm, dry film thickness 30 µm). For best result, apply it by brush with long and continuous strokes, perpendicular to the brush strokes of the first coat. A third coat of VELOX PLUS may be applied to obtain perfect coverage or in areas where fouling growth is particularly agressive. 2.4. Wait at least 12 hours at 68° F (20° C) before launching. 3. RECOMMENDATIONS 3.1 Prepare the surface carefully: at the time of applying METAL PRIMER all metallic surfaces should be very rough and clean...

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The following pictures show some propellers treated with VELOX PLUS after one year service. Most pictures were taken in temperate waters (Mediterranean sea, UK or Australia). Results may be different depending on type of waters, location, temperarures. Especially in tropical brackish waters, or in extremely heavy fouling areas, there may be more growth of barnacles or other fouling than showed below.

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