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MARITIME PARTNER Boat in pictures may show optional equipment ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID The energy efficient and silent electric ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID will offer passengers sustainable and spectacular cruises. The hybrid vessel is one of the world’s most flexible electric boats, as it can be charged at any port and then operate on batteries for 10 hours with a cruising speed of 10 knots. The ship will be built with large windows that take the passengers as close to the nature and wild life as it gets, but with as little environmental impact as possible. ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID is built for the traveler who cares about their environmental footprint and wants to explore natural attractions, above and below the surface, without disturbing the nature. When using the electric engine the ship is not only emission-free, but also completely silent, meaning noise pollution to the marine environment is kept to a minimum. What really sets the ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID apart from other electric vessels is the flexibility – she can plug into almost any pier, and therefor taking the passengers to some of the most remote and beautiful spots. ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID is designed especially for sightseeing in cold waters. Three decks and two indoor salons offer panoramic views and comfortable seating for over 100 passengers. An onboard restaurant serves food and drinks. Technical data: Overall length: 24,00 metres Breadt extreme: 11,00 metres Height: 10 metres Weight empty: tba Max speed w/crew (2x1000 HP): 30 knots Hybrid package: Electric engine Size: 2x85kW Diesel engine: Nogva Scania DI 13 070M Size: 2x500 HP Battery pack: Capacity: 800kWh - approx 10 Tesla car batteries Passengers: Capacity: 146+4 crew Materials Hull, main deck and superstructure made of marine aluminium. Maritime Partner AS // + 47 70 17 15 65 // //

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