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MARITIME PARTNER Boat in pictures may show optional equipment EXTENDING BOUNDARIES ALUSAFE 2000 MPV The Alusafe 2000 MPV is intended for patrol, inspection and personell transport. Among other duties it can serve as a search and rescue craft used in open seas and in sheltered waters. The craft is powered by two diesel engines each connected through a marine transmission to a propeller system. As an option, waterjets can be fitted. Alusafe 2000 MPV is designed for winter operations at the roughest parts of Norway. Outside deck areas and windows are heated and inside areas are thorough insulated. The good seaworthiness is developed by combining the best craft traditions with seamanship and known technology. The hull design is well proven over a period of years and the superstructure is customized to a detailed specification. The navigation is safely performed by the latest FURUNO solutions, and the crew of 3 will be comfortably seated in dampened offshore chairs with seat belts. Interior standards are sober and elegant, designed for easy and effective cleaning and comfort . The boat is fully air conditioned with separate inlets for each of the 4 cabins. Boarding operations are made possible by using solid fender work and a professional pilot platform. The side railings have flexible mountings to avoid damages due to heavy heeling towards other boats. Technical data: Overall length: 21,90 metres Length hull: 19,50 metres Breadth extreme: 5,6 metres Breadth hull: 5,0 metres Speed: 20 knots Engine: Std: 2x 500 HP Alt: Other approved engines Propulsion: Std: Propeller Alternative: Waterjet Materials Hull made of marine aluminium. Superstructure also made of aluminium, GRP as an option. The fender is made of special foam, and protected with tailor-made PVC cover. The fuel capacity is 2x1.1250 ltr, giving it a range of more than 300 nautical miles at cruising speed. Fresh water capacity is 1400 ltr. The craft is built and equipped and certified according to the latest specification from NMA Norwegian Maritime Authority. Maritime Partner AS // + 47 70 17 15 65 // //

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