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The Environmental Mooring Solution It’s only natural that people are interested in buying a durable, technologically-advanced, environmentally-friendly product. The SEAFLEX system is designed with exactly this in mind. 30 years in rough conditions SEAFLEX is an environmentally friendly elastic mooring system that secures pontoons and buoys in every ocean on the planet. The system is highly resistant to corrosion and does not damage sensitive ecosystems on the seabed. SEAFLEX moorings are unrivalled in their ability to safely and securely adjust with tides and wave motion. The unique design allows it to slowly elongate and return in a smooth, even movement. In conjunction with initial pretension, SEAFLEX moorings provide progressive resistance to wave-motion in both the vertical and lateral plane. Disturbing wakes in harbors and marinas are therefore largely negated, significantly reducing the risk of damage to moored boats. SEAFLEX moorings provide a flexible and secure solution trusted in all weather conditions. Navigation buoys moored with SEAFLEX do not change position to the same degree as chain moorings, a feature which greatly improves marine safety in narrow straits and in harbors. The system is one of the most reliable on the market, whether for complete marinas, breakwaters, buoys, free-floating docks or fish farms. SEAFLEX the environmental mooring solution, trusted to withstand the forces of nature without leaving any marks.

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SEAFLEX Models The length and quantity of SEAFLEX hawsers is custom made for each project. The quantity of hawsers depends on the forces involved and the length of the hawsers is determined by the water level variation and wave height. All SEAFLEX come with a By-Pass for safety, keeping the rubber from over-extension in situations where the forces are bigger than what was originally calculated for. Depending on anchoring methods etc, SEAFLEX uses different end attachments with a variety of combination possibilities. Integrated Thimble for rope Integrated Shackle for anchor All SEAFLEX...

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