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Marina Solutions

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2 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 3

More than Surface llkka Seppâlâ Marinetek Group New products, new solutions, new partners, new markets, new challenges. Today I am proud to say that the Marinetek product and solution portfolio is the widest in the world, we have the biggest production capacity and we are working already in 40 countries. Marinetek team realises above all that by accelerating the pace of new product development, we can continue to give our worldwide customers the best. Every year we review and develop our product range to bring the most suitable marina solutions to the market. That's why our Marina Solutions...

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Marina Solution - 4

Our Promise 4 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 5

rOur Promise 1. "More Than Surface" Our promise "More Than Surface" communicates about the throughout quality of the products, processes and services and values creating the skills that we need in order to keep our brand promises and continuously improve our way of working together. Marinetek Values: Leadership, Innovation, Reliability and Sincerity act as a guide on how we want to work. The most important for Marinetek is to keep its promise. By listening customers' needs and problems, learning about their culture and values as well as exchanging ideas, Marinetek establishes relationships...

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Marina Solution - 6

Premium Pontoons Premium Pontoons 6 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 7

Marina Mandalina, Sibenik, Croatia ( left page) Palmjumeirah, Dubai, UAE (tight] Marinetek Premium Pontoons, the result of several years of R&D, is the first fully integrated concrete modular pontoon system and represents the latest technology in concrete pontoon construction. Grand Harbour Marina, Malta (lower left) Kotka, Finland (right) PREMIUM PONTOONS, designed especially for the super yacht sector, are continuous flotation concrete pontoons that offer extreme stability, unrestricted public live loading and super sized service channels to accommodate the high service requirements of...

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Marina Solution - 8

Heavy Duty Pontoons Heavy Duty Pontoons 8 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 9

► Heavy Duty Pontoons Marina Mandalina, Si beni k, Croatia (left page and right) Heavy Duty Pontoons represent the latest technology in pontoon construction. Designed for boat mooring in modern marinas, overpass bridges and landing stages, they are very strong and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity and very long service life. Finn Marina, Moscow, Russia (lower left) Varadero Marina, Alicante, Spain Tall Ships' Race, Riga, Latvia HEAVY DUTY PONTOONS are constructed from strong heavy duty, all-concrete floats connected by flexible rubber bolt joints, cornerwise and sideways if...

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Marina Solution - 10

Conduct Pontoons Conduct Pontoons 10 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 11

Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland (left page and right) Conduct Pontoons have a very long and successful history. The pontoons have been produced for more than 25 years and installed in many locations in Great Britain. Now Marinetek has introduced a completely renewed version of this genius product. England (lower left) Brayford, England (middle) Gosport, England (left) CONDUCT PONTOON is a high quality modular walkway pontoon system designed for use in modern and sheltered marinas. The construction comprises fully welded and galvanized steel structure incorporating a reinforced concrete deck...

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Marina Solution - 12

Breakwaters Breakwaters 12 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 13

Holy Loch, Scotland (leftpage) Troia, Portugal (right) Nothing has been more thoroughly researched at Marinetek over the past 20 years than its series of Breakwaters. Mondello, Italy (lower left) Vellrat, Croatia (middle) Vigo, Spain (right) BREAKWATERS, now in third generation production, have been installed around the world often in the harshest environments. No single unit has ever failed and in some cases the Marinetek unit has been the only pontoon to withstand the test. In Praia da Vitoria in the Azores, after the tropical storm Tanya had raged for two days, the Marinetek Breakwater...

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Marina Solution - 14

► Boat Mooring Systems and Equipment 14 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 15

► Boat Mooring Systems and Equipment Super Yacht Fingers (left page) Mooring Fingers (right) Marinetek provides a wide selection of high quality boat mooring systems, safety equipment and other accessories to meet all the needs of the most modern marinas. MARINETEK MOORING FINGERS comprise 9-16 meters long concrete structured Super Yacht fingers and 5-12 meters long steel structured fingers. Super Yacht Fingers offer safe moorings for big boats and provide unprecedented standards of finger berthing. The fingers are extremely stable with a high loading capacity and long service life....

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Marina Solution - 16

References More than 2000 top reference projects in Varna, Bulgaria Trogir, Croatia Copenhagen, Denmark Brayford, England Tallinn, Estonia Helsinki, Finland Porto Carras, Greece Reykjavik, Iceland Bergkamen, Germany Salerno, Italy Riga, Latvia Uostadavaris, Lithuania Marinetek Group international network operates in the following countries: 16 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 17

35 countries. Malta Almere, Holland Rosendal, Norway Alcochete, Portugal Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal Gdansk, Poland Mangalia, Romania Testal, Spain Sundsvall, Sweden Terijoki, Russia Dubai, UAE Göcek, Turkey 17 Qatar

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Marina Solution - 18

18 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 19

New Port, Espoo, Finland (left pageand right) Marinetek Metal Pontoons comprise a range of steel and aluminum structured pontoons designed for use in coastal marinas. Porto Carras, Greece (lower left) Gosport, England (middle) New Port, Espoo, Finland, (right) STEEL PONTOON product range includes competitively priced walkways, modular marina pontoon systems with top entry integral service channels. Walkways are sized for ease of transportation on standard road trailers or in ISO shipping containers. Pontoon deck frames are fully welded and galvanised. Connections are silent and comprise...

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Marina Solution - 20

Timber Pontoons Timber Pontoons 20 Marinetek Marina Solutions 2008

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Marina Solution - 21

Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia (left page) Joutseno, Finland (right) Always popular, especially with smaller marinas, the Marinetek Timber Pontoon range is more than just a traditional choice - it's surprisingly versatile, easily customized and extremely cost effective. Essex Waterfront, Copenhagen, Denmark (lower left) Magic Point, Romania (middle) Bergkamen, Germany (right) TIMBER PONTOONS are offered in different variant as for boat moorings and general purpose use. Customers can choose exactly what they want, in terms of pontoon length and loading capacity and extend or modify the...

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