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Marina Pontoons - 3

Ilkka Seppála Embracing challenge New products, new markets, new challenges. At Marinetek, we realise above all that by accelerating the pace of new product development, we can continue to give our worldwide customers the best. That's why our marina product portfolio grows every year, our production processes involve the most modern technology and we continue to open more factories to meet the growing demand in the market. Our proven range of products and continuous improvement programme Marinetek Group have combined to make Marinetek an international success and a recognised brand name....

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Marina Pontoons - 4

Ten Reasons 4 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 5

rTen Reasons Fen Reasons to Choose Mahnetek Marinetek is an internationally recognised brand name for quality marina products and a well known provider of solutions for marina developers. All equipment bearing the Marinetek name is long-lasting, reliable and backed up by a network of experts, sub-contractors and partners dedicated solely to the design and development of marinas. With Marinetek, best service goes hand in hand with best products; the perfect partnership. Marinetek's extensive experience in the marina and pontoon business has made it an international success. Key personnel...

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Marina Pontoons - 6

6 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 7

The Marinetek Premium pontoon, the result of several years of R&D, is the first fully integrated concrete modular pontoon system and represents the latest technology in concrete pontoon construction. Grand Harbour Marina, Malta(Camper& Nicholsons Marinas) ( lower left) Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Helsinki City Marina, Finland ( right) superyacht sector, Premium pontoons are continuous flotation concrete pontoons that offer extreme stability, unrestricted public live loading and super sized service ducts to accommodate the high service requirements of superyachts. The pontoons...

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Marina Pontoons - 8

Heavy Duty Pontoons Heavy Duty Pontoons 8 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 9

► Heavy Duty Pontoons Finn Marina, Moscow, Russia (/ewer/e/t) Pirita Marina, Tallinn, Estonia( middle) Tall Ships' Race, Riga, Latvia {right} Heavy Duty pontoons represent the latest technology in pontoon construction. Designed for boat mooring in modern marinas, overpass bridges and landing stages, they are very strong and maintenance-free with a high loading capacity and very long service life. ALL PONTOONS ARE constructed from strong heavy-duty, all-concrete floats connected by flexible rubber bolt joints, cornerwise and sideways if required. This gives versatility of installation...

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Marina Pontoons - 10

Metal Pontoons Metal Pontoons 10 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 11

New Port, Espoo, Finland ( left page) Palermo, Italy (right) Marinetek metal pontoons comprise a range of steel and aluminium structured pontoons designed for use in coastal marinas. Porto Carras, Greece ( lower left ) Gosport, England ( middle) Frankfurt, Germany (right) STEEL PONTOONS ARE robust and heavier duties and for commercial use. The product range includes competitively priced walkways, modular marina pontoon systems with top entry integral service ducts and commercial pontoons for fishing vessels and tour boats. Walkways are sized for ease of transportation on standard road...

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Marina Pontoons - 12

Timber Pontoons Timber Pontoons 12 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 13

Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia ( left page) Bergkamen, Germany (right) Essex Waterfront, Copenhagen, Denmark ( lower left) Sturt's Lock, London, England (middle) Hei noia, Finland ( right) Always popular, especially with smaller marinas, the Marinetek timber pontoon range is more than just a traditional choice - it's surprisingly versatile, easily customised and extremely cost-effective. SEVERAL DIFFERENT VARIANTS are offered for boat mooring and general- purpose use. Customers can choose exactly what they want, in terms of pontoon length and loading capacity, and extend or modify the...

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Marina Pontoons - 14

Breakwaters Breakwaters 14 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 15

Holy Lock, Scotland ( left page) Almere, Holland ( right) Nothing has been more exhaustively researched at Marinetek over the past 20 years than its series of breakwaters. New Port, Espoo, Finland ( lower left) Velirat, Croatia ( middle) Soukka, Espoo, Finland (right) NOW IN THIRD generation production, the units have been installed around the world often in the harshest environments. No single unit has ever failed and in some cases the Marinetek unit has been the only pontoon to withstand the test. In Praia da Vitoria in the Azores, for example, after tropical storm Tanya had raged for two...

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Marina Pontoons - 16

Brigdes and Landing Stages Bridges and Landing Stages 16 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 17

> Brigdes and Landing Stages Moomin World Bridge, Naantali, Finland ( left page} Porto Carras, Greece ( right) Key pontoon ranges in the Marinetek portfolio all come into play for bridge and landing stage designs ensuring that even the most demanding customer specifications and local authority regulations THE ABILITY TO draw on elements from the Timber, Heavy Duty and Premium ranges gives Marinetek unparalleled flexibility whatever the project. For lightweight overpass bridges, a combination of timber pontoon and concrete floats is a popular choice. The construction is long lasting,...

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Marina Pontoons - 18

Special Pontoons Special Pontoons 18 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 19

Swan rigging pontoon, Pietarsaari, Finland ( left page} Heavy Duty Villa Pontoon, Finland ( right) Marinetek produces a range of special pontoons and floating structures for a wide variety of purposes. Examples of use include rowing pontoons, fuel pontoons, working platforms, floating restaurant terraces, pilot vessels and various industrial applications. Thorpe Park, London, England ( upper left) Trakai Rowing Stadium, Lithuania Floating terrace, Tammisaari, Finland Pilot boat station, Dragor, Denmark [bottom left) Conduct Steel Pontoon, England [bottom middle) Classi Championship Pontoon...

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Marina Pontoons - 20

Boat Mooring Systems and Equipment Boat Mooring Systems and Equipment 20 Marinetek Marina Pontoons 2007

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Marina Pontoons - 21

> Boat Mooring Systems and Equipment Super Yacht Finger, Hanko, Finland ( left page ) Mooring Fingers, Frankfurt, Germany Marinetek provides a wide selection of high quality boat mooring systems, safety equipment and other accessories to meet all the needs of the most modern marinas. Marinetek Buoys ( above} Marinetek safety equipment ( right) MARINETEK MOORING FINGERS comprise: 12-20 m long Super Yacht fingers; 6-12 m long general application fingers; and 4-7 m long boat booms. All fingers and booms have been designed using wind load effect data appropriate to the length of berth or...

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