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28 – 37 Fashion – Régates Royales 40 – 59 Fashion – Maritime Heritage Making of ... Marinepool Photo Shooting 2014 1

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Seaford Jacket & Vest M | W / Ripley TEC Trousers TEC Fashion Marinepool’s Tec Fashion Collection is a cross over between functional clothing and fashion, combining the best of both worlds. Highly elastic fabrics with quick drying and odor p ­ reventing technical features provide unmatched c ­omfort while the garments also protect from harmful UV rays and innovative double weave technology provides excellent moisture management. Dynamic ­esign and extremely light weight are d key characteristics of this fashionable sportswear. ­ The new Tec ­Fashion Collection by Marinepool – a p ­ erfect...

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Seaford Jacket & Vest M | W / Ripley TEC Trousers

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Madison Tec Polo / Ripley TEC Trousers, Ripley TEC Bermudas

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Cross Vest M | W / Swamp Hoody M | W / Cross Jacket M | W / ACE TEC T-Shirt long M | W / Ripley TEC Trousers M | W

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Function meets Fashion Medina Jacket W / Ripley TEC Bermudas M | W

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Blyth Jacket M | W / Ripley TEC Trousers M | W

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Madison TEC Polo M | W / Ripley TEC Trousers M | W

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Efficency Underwear

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Speed Promo Polo M | W / Percé Hipsters Trousers

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Photo: Chris Schmid / Spindrift Racing OFFICIAL CLOTHING SUPPLIER Spindrift Racing Team In July 2013, Marinepool proudly a ­nnounced a new and exciting 3 year partnership with Spindrift Racing as the “Official Clothing Supplier” of the high profile French/Swiss multihull racing project. Spindrift Racing Team, based in La T ­rinité-sur-Mer (FRA), will exclusively use Marinepool performance sailing clothing and leisure wear across all three Spindrift managed sailing projects: Ladycat D35, skippered by Dona Bertarelli and a top contender in all major competitions on Lac Léman; ­ pindrift...

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Photo: Nils Bergmann Nordstream Race In February 2013 the Russian St. Petersburg Yacht Club (SPBYC) and German Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV) announced their cooperation in hol­ ding the 2nd edition of the Nord Stream Race, established in 2012. One of the entries was campaigned by the “German Offshore Challenger” (GOC) initiative, a national ­ project encompassing several German clubs under the patronage of the NRV, which aims for inaugurating a high-­ performance and motivated young crew to participate on the Swan60 “SGM” in various events of the Gazprom Swan60 circuit. The Nord Stream...

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Function – Offshore

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Mandurah Ocean Jacket / Mandurah Ocean Trousers / ISO 300N Pro 3D Inflatable Lifejacket Cutting edge technology, garments optimized to the smallest detail and innovative designs show all the passion for sailing, expertise and vast ­ e ­xperience of Marinepool. 2014 will see the introduction of a functional clothing range made from Dermizax® NX membranes, exclusively supplied to Marinepool by their creator Toray. The fabrics made from these membranes provide the ­ ighest levels of breathability and waterproofness and offer h the ultimate elasticity taking protection and wearing comfort in...

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Ramsgate Jacket / Ramsgate Trousers Design. Technology. Passion.

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Ramsgate Jacket / Ramsgate Trousers

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Revolution NX Top / Revolution NX Shorts / NTS-Knee Pads / Aqua Series 100 Drybag

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Revolution NX Top / Revolution NX Shorts / Percé Jacket M | W / Percé Hipsters Bermudas Sotalia Jacket / Sotalia Trousers / Narval Jacket / Narval Trousers / ISO 300N Pro 3D Inflatable Lifejacket

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MARINEPOOL Events & Partnerships Marinepool is a brand for sailors founded by sailors. 24 The company keeps constantly moving forward by ­developing new collections focusing on design, innovative technology and garments that reflect the passion the Marinepool team has for sailing and maritime fashion. The sailing heritage of the key people in the company is an important foundation to understand the needs of sailors and the technical aspects of the sport. Marinepool‘s partnerships with world-class teams and events are invaluable and have a strong influence on our products. These partnerships...

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Photo: Lloyd Images Extreme Sailing Series The Extreme Sailing Series™ has changed the way sailing is seen with an unique concept: the ‘stadium ­ racing’ with short-style races, pioneered by OC Sport, the circuit brings the racing right in front of the spectators and VIP guests. It is the only truly global sailing circuit spanning 3 continents and visiting up to 8 iconic venues per season. The Series gathers the world’s best sailors - Olympians, world champions, record holders and round the world sailors - racing against each other on identical high-speed catamarans c ­ apable of speeds...

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Storm Jacket M | W / Tara Trousers / Luigi Trousers

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Tempest Jacket / William Trousers

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RR Mid Polo / RR Croisette Polo / RR Croisette Cap Fashion – Régates Royales

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Régates Royales Artwork chest lettering colours: navy light blue see every single style sheet Marinepool has been the the official clothing supplier of Régates Royales and a long standing partner of the classic yacht race for many years. In 2013 Marinepool reaffirmed its commitment to this prestigious event by renewing the partnership with the Yacht Club de Cannes for another four years. The renewal is colourfully celebrated by the upcoming Régates Royales Collection: classic navy and off-white are combined with bright turquoise. The new collection combines a classic look with refreshing...

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RR Horizon T-Shirt / Tara Trousers

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RR Midi Polo / RR Croisette Polo

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RR Croisette Softshell Jacket M | W

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RR Croisette Shirt / William Trousers / RR Croisette Blouse / Mara Skirt

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RR Croisette Fleece Jacket / Tara Trousers / RR Manong Handbag

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The summer collection “Maritime Heritage” is focused on true maritime lifestyle, which reflects Marinepool‘s heart and passion for sailing in a fashionable and timeless way. Indeed, the collection incorporates affectionately designed maritime details, ­ multicoloured prints, contrasting zigzag s ­titching and elaborate embroideries and is produced to highest standards with a r ­emarkable premium finish. The “Maritime Heritage Collection” caters for all tastes and offers favourite garments that are suitable for anytime, anywhere and anyone - a must have for any wardrobe and travel case. It...

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