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Technical and construction solutions Any industry may need to float tools or teams at some point. Marinefloor is there to provide all the solutions needed for each individual's specific needs. The construction sector relies on us for the restoration or control of works (bridges, dams), construction on water, the restoration of monuments. The nautical industry uses our barges for the maintenance or control of large-tonnage ships or for the installation of temporary launches. The film industry likes to take a step back dueto our platforms. Scientists play with our cubes to create floating islands that serve as a refuge for fish fry. Focus points • Each project is unique and our response is adapted as closely as possible to your needs • Design, transport, assembly, maintenance, dismantling: we take care of all the stages of the installation • Eco-System cubes are both light and very solid, with a flotation capacity of 360 kg / m2 to more than one ton / m2 • From a simple pontoon to a giant terrace of several hundred m2, everything is feasible and adaptable, for purchase or rental • Our technical department closely work with you to adapt to your constraints. « Practical applications in difficult conditions are essential for the smooth running of public works. It is an honor for us to be able to work with key players. The first time we were asked to create a platform to allow a mechanical shovel to work on a stream or a film crew to step back from the shore, we thought we were dreaming ... This was not the main purpose of our solution ... But we like challenges so we did it! And since then, we have appreciated all the new challenges that the human imagination can generate. Let us continue together to make your projects f

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Applications for sciences technical military construction sectors Work platform Heavy loads Slipways • MARINEFLOOR EUROPE SAS 340 Quai du pla de l’entrée Zone Technique du port 11370 LEUCATE - France Floating islands ... Made in France 10 years warr

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