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MARINEFLOOR® lake, canal and river pontoon Pre-assembled two-coloured pontoon (light grey and beige), secured by perimeter handrails, easily removable in case of important hollow or tempest, delivered with all the necessary accessories for anchoring and mooring (depending on the installation site specificities). The technique is simple: for assembling the main cubes together, centre pins are connected on the cube’s handle and locked with a stainless steel key. A setup plan is provided in order to allow any possible transformation. Focus points • Completely modular, the structure can be easily adapted to your new needs • Straightforward and fast assembly, disassembly, transport and store • The double crenel interlocking and special handles blockage conferring an unmatched stability • Unsinkable due to its buoyancy capacity (360 Kg / m2), it’s lightness and its flexibility allows to marry and/or follow swell movement mov • Resistant to harsh conditions, even at high sea • Cubes made of high-density polyethylene (see Cube EcoSystem® sheet) • Impact, frost & seawater resistant - Anti-skid surface • Flame retarding - Anti-UV & Anti-static treatment • Each element is tested in our French production factory Several anchoring solutions: There are plenty of possibilities depending on the installation site : • The pontoon is assembled around galvanised steel posts nailed in the sea ground This technique is used when there are important differences of water levels (tides or floods) • Fixed by connecting crossed chains linked to moorings or to sand-screws • In case of a storm, the whole can be unhooked and

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