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Main element of our modular floating pontoon system, it offers unmatched resistance, solidity and stability. Its main secret is about the cube's structure itself, its base on pads but also the 3 points locking system. Designed to be adapted to every possible situation, you can find it for maritime applications, thoughest applications for its high resistance as well as lakes and rivers for its disconcerting assembly ease, its infinite forms variations and especially for its safety conferred by its centre pin system. Focus Points • Completely modular, it allows to adapt and modify the structure shape based on the needs, events or activities • Max load of 360 kg / m2 (1 layer) to 1000 kg / m2 (3 layers) • Easy and quick assembly, disassembly, transport, storage and handling due to its low weight (6,5 kg) and its small dimensions • Customisable design: pick you logo and select your color from our panel (> 1000 ex) • Ecological : fully recyclable, temporary use on natural protected sites • French high quality manufacturer and strict quality control • Wide range of accessories available : stainless steel accessories (handrails, mooring rings, ladders), fenders, etc... « For over 10 years we have been doing the craziest projects with our Eco-System® cube. We floated cars, excavators, moored the most beautiful racing boats and old rigging, ... we also floated football fields, outdoor cinemas, ... we've helped to cross many streams for various events, landed the passengers of the biggest ships of the world, equipped hirers, clubs and marinas ... And you, what's yo

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