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Spearfishing and Freediving Technology 2014 Product specifications and characteristics listed in this catalogue may be subjected to change by Mares without notice Product photos: Andrea Monetti - Massimiliano Eleota; Diving photos: Alberto Balbi The trademark Mares is a registered trademark ADV Mares Cod. 429166 - 2.615 - Printed by BCD 16035 Rapallo - Genova (Italy) Spearfishing and Freediving Technology

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COMPANY PROFILE In 1949, Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spearguns with one dream and purpose in mind: to share his unbridled passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. At its birth, Mares was just one small factory in Rapallo, but now, only 65 years later, the Italian based company dominates the scuba diving world, and is at the forefront of new and innovative dive technologies. Over the past six decades, Mares has come a long way, by achieving new goals, taking diving to new and extreme heights and depths. The Mares name represents only the...

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WEBSITE &SOCIAL Mares firmly believes in the importance of providing detailed information on the Internet. As a result, we’ve made a commitment to continuously update our website and integrate this into our culture. In addition to our well-known website, we now have a highly active Facebook Pure Instinct page and You Tube channel, that is continuously updated with media rich images, videos, news, and global events. We feel it is vital to connect, listen, and engage directly with you and your valuable contributions. We are thrilled to have the opportunity via...

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Shafts - sling guns 55

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NEMO APNEIST Customizable program settings The most complete and reliable tool for freedivers and spearfishermen. A wide array of functions, and 150m of maximum operating depth. Recovery time is always visible while preparing on the surface, a crucial function for planning a safe dive. Time mode Surface display Product Nemo Apneist Colors / Sizes Additional Information MISSION CHRONO Dive mode Programmable alarm The Mission Chrono watch designed for no-limits freediving. Exclusive Mares design with case and stainless steel strap. PVD-treated screw-locked pushpieces. Swiss quartz movement,...

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INTERFACE IRIS USB The IRIS infrared interface system allows divers to download, review, and manage their dive data, supplementing with additional information to create a thorough logbook. Watch the video Code 414307 Product Interface Iris Usb Colors / Sizes Additional Information STRAP EXTENSION NEMO APNEIST Product Colors / Sizes Additional Information Strap Extension Nemo Apneist COMPUTERS DISPLAY PROTECTION Product Colors / Sizes Additional Information Computers Display Protection

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Excellent elasticity Interchangeable foot pocket and blades Light weight RAZOR CARBON A new manufacturing process with continuous vacuum allows for complete control over production of the blade, eliminating excess epoxy resin, ensuring consistent quality for complete reliability. The precise shape of the pre-impregnated 3K carbon skins, utilize different weaves and different basis weights depending on the flex point, transforming the Razor Carbon into a variable thrust fin. Razor Carbon’s versatility and exceptional performance, both on the surface and at depth will satisfy the most...

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Excellent elasticity Interchangeable foot pocket and blades BK The innovative Razor fins deliver the best performance among all technopolymer fins currently on the market. They are a benchmark for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen. Colors / Sizes Additional Information BK 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 - 47/48 BLADE RAZOR PRO CAMOUFLAGE Product Fin Blade Razor Carbon Fin Blade Razor Pro Black Fin Blade Razor Grey Fin Blade Razor Pro Camouflage Green Fin Blade Razor Pro Camouflage Brown Fin Blade Razor Pro Blue Additional Information 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc, available in...

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FOOT POCKET RAZOR Razor foot pockets are designed to be worn with a 3mm neoprene sock. If you are wearing these fins barefoot, use the next size smaller fins. Product Foot Pocket Razor BLADE FIXING SET RAZOR Product Colors / Sizes Blade fixing Set Razor RAZOR FIN INSOLE This preformed insole can make a Razor foot pocket one size smaller. Use scissors to cut along the lines provided on the rear side of the insole. The length can be adjusted to three different sizes. Ideal for women who have trouble finding smaller sized fins or for people who want to use the same Razor foot pocket with socks...

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The tapered-section blade and micro-ribs, paired with a new technopolymer, achieve optimal results in both power and thrust modularity, delivering excellent performance. The tapered lateral ribs make the blade flex progressively, creating a water channeling effect that is the true driving force behind the fin. The pronounced “V” shape of the end of the fin prevents any risk of lateral slippage. The foot pocket mantains complete comfort and secure fit for the foot, while delivering even more power to the blade. Code Additional Information AVANTI QUATTRO POWER Channel Thrust Historic product...

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Streamlined profile Light weight Wide field of vision Reduced internal volume Mares introduces the new Viper mask; another revolutionary product, developed in partnership with the best athletes in the world and dedicated to the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen. Mares’ designers have created a mask with innovative technical features and a unique, striking design. The skirt has been modeled with meticulous attention to facial ergonomics, making it suitable for all types of physiognomy. The surface in contact with the face has been carefully fashioned to offer superior comfort and...

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Wide field of vision Optional optical lenses X-VU LiquidSkin, manufactured with a Bi-silicone skirt and strap, capitalize on the exclusive Mares LiquidSkin patent. Offering exceptional comfort, very light weight, and unbeatable durability. The most important innovation since the introduction of silicone masks. LiquidSkin, Mares Bi-silicone and exclusive technology, uses two different types of silicone: a firmer section for the support structure and a softer section for contact with your face. It is 45% softer for unparalleled comfort and 270% more elastic for a perfect fit. Exclusive...

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