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COMPANY, profile Would Ludovico Mares ever have imagined that over the course of 60 years his small factory in Rapallo would become the worldwide leader in the pro- duction and distribution of diving equipment? Mares was founded in 1949 by former Istrian diver Ludovico Mares, who served in the Austrian Navy during World War I. Mares quickly became a small industrial company with a continuous increase in sales and never an absence of ideas for new and improved products. As the passion for diving grew around the world in the late '60s, the company expanded into the European diving and snorkeling market. Between 1978 and 1982, Mares earned an undisputed place as the global market leader in fins: today nearly all diving and snorkeling fins are produced using plastic materials, according to the manufacturing process invented by Mares. The company abo rose quickly to the top of the regulator market, becoming an uncontested leader as well. Today, Mares has a presence in over 80 countries around the world and is internation- ally recognized as the leading company in the manufacturing of diving products featuring only the best in cutting egde technology. Every solution Mares offers represents the forefront of today's technology and is the result of the best in Italian design. A complete passion for the sea and an all-encompassing vocation implanted in the history of its legendary founder is felt at a continuous powerful level by everyone on the Mares staff. Mares has always been the best the diving industry has to offer. We will con- tinue our strive towards greater design and innovative technology. Mares has proven its superior excellence in allwaterswith the 2012 collection. Over the past 60 years Mares has developed a total of four different brands to meet the needs for every person with a passion for watersports. Our well known line for enthusiastic scuba divers, the Pure Instinct line for demanding freedivers and spearfishermen, the Mares rental line for Dive Centers, and our Aquazone line for those who enjoy swimming and snorkeling. As we progress towards the future, we will continue our research and design for new products to meet the needs and desires of all those who have a passion for the sea.

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Advanced technology, innovation, reliability and safety are the right words to describe Mares regulators. Years of experience in the design and manufacturing of diving equipment bring the most innovative and advanced technology to Mares regulators. Examples of exclusive and patented technologies are for instance the DFC system in the first stages, which guarantees a stable flow of air at all depths even under extreme conditions. Another exclusive is the Tri- material high pressure valve which offers superior reliability. All Mares second stages offer the unique patented VAD system which...

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Extreme Performance, Lightweight ■ SECOND STAGE CASE: 100% CARBON ■ SUPERIOR THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY The unique double DFC system meets all the requirements of air at any depth, including two divers breathing simultaneously. The Natural Convection Channel (NCC] system increases the performance in cold water. The superior thermal conductivity of carbon reduces the condensation of humidity in the exhaled breath thereby diminishing the dry mouth feeling at the end of the dive. Carbon 52 is perfect for any type of diving. Ideal placement of hoses combined with an extremely soft and light Superflex...

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Unbeatable safety, advanced technology, and great value A modern look for a medium-sized technopolymer second stage featuring cutting-edge technology. The special shape of the internal baffle, coupled with the VAD system, makes breathing easy and natural VERY EASY AND NATURAL BREATHING NEW YOKE, 15% LIGHTER AND MORE COMPACT DIVEPRE-DIVE SYSTEM As regular and natural as your breath PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY IN COMPACT AND LIGHT FIRST STAGE FOUR PRE-ORIENTED LP PORTS SOFT PURGE DIAPHRAGM WITH MESH GRID More compact and even lighter, it achieves maximum compactness in the DIN version. The...

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ABYSS NITROX The evolution of the Mares hero also dives with Nitrox FRONT COVER WITH METAL INSERT AND MESH GRID NEW HOSE PROTECTOR FOR BETTER HEAT EXCHANGE Tested and approved in accordance with European standard EN 1394-9, Abyss 22 Nitrox is compatible with oxygen mixes up to 100% 02 and is equipped with a dedicated connection, in conformity with European standard EN144-3. The new Abyss Nitrox is also available in octopus ROVER NITROX Compatible with mixes containing up to 100% oxygen UNFAILING RELIABILITY OVER TIME IDEAL FOR DIVING CENTERS Tested and approved pursuant to European standard...

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OCTOPUS CARBON OCTOPUS TECHNOPOLYMER ■ SUPERIOR RESISTANCE TO ABRASION ■ HI-VIZ YELLOW COVER AND HOSE OCTOPUS INSTINCT Maximum performance with lightness ■ HIGHLY-RESISTANT OCTOPUS FOR DEMANDING DIVERS ■ SECOND STAGE CASE MADE OF 100% CARBON The Carbon octopus features the Mesh Grid system and integrated VAD which, combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector, ensures very easy and natural breathing. And it's all combined into a carbon second stage for increased thermal conductivity and incredible lightness. OCTOPUS METAL ■ HEAVY-DUTY OCTOPUS FOR DEMANDING DIVES ■ NICKEL AND CHROME-PLATED...

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REGULATORS RESULTS AND PERFORMANCE inhale pressure = 10.70 mbar inhale pos pressure = 2.44 mbar exhale pressure = 10.83 mbar pressure - volume diagram at depth of: inhale pressure = 7.54 mbar inhale pos pressure = 1.61 mbar exhale pressure = 7.61 mbar pressure - volume diagram at depth of: inhale pressure = 9.87 mbar inhale pos pressure = 3.43 mbar exhale pressure = 6.98 mbar pressure - volume diagram at depth of: inhale pressure = 7.83 mbar inhale pos pressure = 2.18 mbar exhale pressure = 8.23 mbar pressure - volume diagram at depth of: Prestige 12S/ Prestige 12S She Dives inhale pressure...

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In these past few years, Mares has turned the dive computer from an exclusive instrument for few to an easy-to-use companion for every dive. Since the early 90's, our computers have evolved and remained true to our fundamental philosophy: reliable, safe and user friendly, both in operation The apex of this development is Icon HD net ready. With the new and exclusive Mares bidirectional technology, variable sampling rate and the proven Mares gas consumption algorithm, Icon HD now provides real time information on your breathing gas status and range. The clarity and immediacy of the...

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