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Grumman Canoes. ® Get There From Here.

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From backyard ponds to backwood runs, countless outd< Since 1946, they've proven their mettle in the wild while i Tough as nails. Designed to last and perform, every Grumman® Canoe is hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy substantially stronger than traditional alloys. • Each Grumman Canoe is hand riveted with specially-designed T-6 Alumilite rivets for maximum strength along gunnels, keels and ribs. The stretch-forming process permanently shapes the curves designed into the bow, stern and sides for maximum strength. • For added rigidity and unbeatable...

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mman Canoe Family. oor adventures have been launched in Grumman Canoes. making it accessible to generations of outdoor enthusiasts. Grumman canoes limited lifetime warranty.* As the original purchaser of a Grumman Canoe, you receive a limited lifetime warranty against hull puncture. And all components installed by Grumman are warranted against any defects in workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. *See your Grumman Canoe dealer for specific warranty information. 16’ Square Stern Heat Treated to a T-6 Temper Premium Marine Grade Vinyl Decals Family. casion. 15’ Double-Ender...

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Folding Anchor. Fold it up when Motor Bracket. This side mount Carrying Yoke. Specially ROW Rig. Easy-on, easy-off rig not in use, this sturdy anchor weighs motor bracket fits all Grumman cushioned yoke fits all Grumman with oarlock sockets lets you row your just 2 lbs. double-enders. Canoes up to 37" in beam. Shown Grumman Canoe. Fully Adjustable. with opt. River Paddles, available in Shown with opt. Canoeist Cushion. 4 1/2' and 5' lengths. Oars not included. Sponsons. Four and one half- Lazyback Seat Cushion. Center Seat Kit. Tough .080" Canoe Topper Combo. This foot foam sponsons clamp...

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