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life on the water . . . Why water? Why would anyone leave the stability of terra firma to live on a moving surface, in smaller quarters and relative uncertainty? The answer is simple. Water is life and water changes everything. Can someone who doesn’t crave water understand the attraction? Houseboat owners, who have convinced friends or spouses to share floating spaces, say that time is key to understanding. The longer one lives on the water, the less one fears it, and the better one may adapt to watertop rhythms. But it’s not for everyone: the most common way of saying that water...

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Authors: Peter Mandl, MSc. AMRINA Maria Klaucova, Ing. Arch. Preliminary design: 2010 Main dimensions: Lmax Bmax T max Hcwl F min G 16,3 m (max length) 9,60 m (max beam) 1,20 m (draft @ max load) 7,48 m (hight above capital waterline @ max load) 0,30 m (pontoon freeboard @ max load) 172,8 t @ Tmax (displacement) Bedrooms Gross area Net area Terrace area

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pontoons Foundation of floating house is made of concrete pontoons filled in with polystyren foam that ensures their unsikability. We rely on the highest quality SM PONTON company pontoons in all of our floating foundations. Dimensions of foundation depends on size of the house. construction Superstructure of the floating house is of wooden frame construction with inner thermal insulation and batten facade. Total width of the wall is 335 mm of which 250 mm is thermal insulation. Compostion of walls is diffusion open. Other construction systems can be used when low weight is preserved. All...

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