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floating cottage brochure Peter Mandl, MSc. AMRINA 08/2010

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Lmax = 12,00 m (max length) Bmax = 6,33 m (max breadth) Tmax = 0,98 m (draught at full load) Hhvr = 3,50 m (height above waterline at full load) Fmin = 0,22 m (deck of pontoons above waterline) G = 44,20 t @ Tmax 300 kg 500 kg 1 Scope of use Floating cottage is meant to be a weekend house which is able to serve up to 12 people primarily from spring to autumn but beautiful winter times can be spent here too. Designed for zone 4 according to Directive 2006/87/ES 2 Main dimensions Particulars: Displacement Supplies Reserve Persons (max) Cabins Berths Gross area Net area Front terrace Back...

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3.2 Pontoons Floating platform of the cottage is created with high durable concrete pontoons by SM PONTON company which are designed to withstand freezing-in. There are two pontoons SMP 100/24/12 which are coupled with steel construction to create a catamaran pontoon. Platform dimension is 10 x 5,8 m. Pontoons are filled in with EPS foam which assures their unsinkability. Higher weight of pontoons is good for stability of the floating cottage. There is a wastewater treatment tank built-in in one of the pontoons. 3.3 Superstructure Construction of cottage is wooden frame with internal...

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VIEWS - from the water - from the bank - downstream and upstream - roof LAYOUTS - interior - interior with legend VISUALIZATION - perspective from the water - perspective from the bank Subject to printing errors. Rights to changes reserved.

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floating cottage from the water

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floating cottage from the bank

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floating cottage interior

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floating cottage interior with legend

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