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TCR Turbocharger The cutting edge

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MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of large exhaust gas turbochargers for low and medium speed diesel and gas engines. As an integral part of a leading developer and builder of two-and four-stroke, low and medium speed engines, the MAN Diesel & Turbo Business Unit Turbocharger has a deep understanding of all the core technologies of large engines and their interaction with the turbocharger. The result is world and market leading turbocharger technology. More than ever before, the development focus at the MAN Diesel & Turbo Business Unit Turbocharger is the...

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Features Benefits Vital components that increase engine power by more than 300% Turbine New CFD-optimised profiled rotor blades, nozzle ring, inlet and outlet casing Constant and pulse pressure turbocharging Optional variable turbine geometry Optional turbine cooling Bearings High performance plain bearings Optimised shaft diameter Compact plain bearing concept Compressor New CFD-optimised compressor wheel, diffuser ring and compressor volute Extended pressure ratio and specific volume flow Internal flow recirculation (IRC) Optional jet assist Optional water cooled compresssor Easy...

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Modular Design Concept The new TCR turbochargers were designed to comply with the special demands made on HFO, MDO, biofuel and gas engines. They cover the complete range of possible applications, like propulsion and stationary engines, GenSets as well as traction engines, which are subject to the strictest requirements with regard to size and weight. As compared to the previous generation, these new turbochargers offer the advantage of increased compactness and less weight without any concessions regarding efficiency and performance. Advanced materials ensure extended service lives and...

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Compressor By applying up-to-date 3D CFD and FEA calculations, a new compressor wheel geometry has been created with further improved efficiencies. Depending on the application, part-load and full-load optimisation is possible by means of flow area combinations. TCR turbochargers are equipped with the IRC system (internal recirculation) which is able to provide a larger compressor characteristic map with increased surge margin ability. The compressor wheel is milled from a high resistant aluminium alloy that can withstand intake conditions within a wide temperature spectrum. A new type of...

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Nozzle Ring New CFD-optimised profiled rotor blades, nozzle All the flown-through components of the TCR turbo- charger have been flow and stress optimised by means rings, inlet and outlet casing for increased efficiency resistant material which ensures a long service life. of modern 3D-CFD and FEA calculations. Part or full Constant and pulse pressure turbocharging Variable nozzle ring (optional) n Optional turbine cooling Optimum adaptation of the turbocharger to the re- load optimisation is possible by means of a variety of spective engine is achieved by means of individually different...

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Maintenance Massive containment area The uncooled casing of the TCR series has been designed in accordance with the ‘pipeless engine’ principle. All supply pipelines are integrated in the casing. The compressor and turbine casings have measuring connections for monitoring the pressure and temperature. A speed pick-up is also included in the scope of supply. The casings, which are manufactured from SiMo steel or ductile cast iron respectively are designed and have been tested to be containment proof. Claw connections facilitate fast disassembly and allow the casing to be rotated into any...

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The PrimeServ offering The MAN Diesel & Turbo Group offers worldwide, round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. In addition to MAN Diesel & Turbo’s service headquarters in Augsburg, Copenhagen, Frederikshavn, Saint-Nazaire, Hamburg and Stockport, service centers on all continents provide comprehensive and continuous support. MAN Diesel & Turbo engines are renowned for their quality and durability. We are a global organization with a strong local presence, delivering exceptional field service management, tailor-made solutions, and first-class technical support. PrimeServ provides advice and...

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MAN Diesel & Turbo 86224 Augsburg, Germany Phone +49 821 322-0 Fax +49 821 322-3382 MAN Diesel & Turbo – a member of the MAN Group Copyright © MAN Diesel SE  •  Subject to modification in the interest of technical progress.  •  D2366324EN-N8 Printed in Germany MC-09111 All data provided in this document is non-binding. This data serves informational purposes only and is especially not guaranteed in any way. Depending on the subsequent specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to changes and will be assessed and...

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