MAN B&W ME-B Engines – Stronger, Shorter, Lighter - 12 Pages

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MAN B&W ME-B Engines – Stronger, Shorter, Lighter

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MAN B&W ME-B Engines Stronger, Shorter, Lighter

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The MAN B&W ME-B engine series offers optimal engine performance in powerful, economic, weight-saving and future-oriented diesel engines, ensuring that the MAN Diesel & Turbo design will remain market leader for decades to come.

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Stronger, Shorter, Lighter The MAN B&W ME-B engine The shipping market is dynamic and constantly re- The ME-B design is based on that of the existing, me- quires more competitive propeller systems and en- chanical MC-C range – the market’s most popular two- gines, allowing the lowest possible propeller speeds, stroke diesel engines ever – but represents an upgrade lower fuel and lube oil consumption. At the same time, with electronic controls that provide improved opera- more flexibility in regard to emissions and adjustment of tional economy and flexibility, and manoeuvrability. engine...

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8S35ME-B9 Engine Engine benefits

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Based on well-proven diesel technology, the ME-B series provides engines geared to market requirements for: Electronic fuel injection control Fuel economy High power reliability Longer time between overhauls Better vessel manoeuvrability Very low life cycle costs Tier II emissions compliance.

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8S35ME-B9 Engine Engine components

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Twin fuel oil pressure booster Alpha lubricator Light camshaft Cylinder liner Turning gear Exhaust valve Exhaust valve actuator Cylinder frame

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Inherent operational experience engines, ensuring a very low, cylinder lubricating oil The ME-B design is based on the experience gathered consumption.  advanced, electronic, user-friendly Its from MAN Diesel & Turbo’s existing engine ranges, interface allows precise adjustment and helps secure which are among the most popular engines available longer time between overhauls. on today’s market. The economical ME-B design represents an upgrade with an electronic controls that Environmentally responsible technology provide improved, operational economy and flexibility, Indeed, MAN Diesel &...

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Engine Programme MAN B&W ME-B engine Tier ll, MAN B&W ME-B engines – principal data (L1) S60ME-B8 Mean Piston Speed (m/s) Engine Speed (r/min) SFOC (g/kWh) Engine Speed (r/min) Mean Piston Speed (m/s) Power (kW) SFOC (g/kWh) Required SMCR power kW 200 r/min SMCR speed

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Engine Data MAN B&W ME-B engines parts are made from rolled steel plates, ensuring homo- The Mark 9 series of engines have a stroke-bore ratio geneity and reducing the risk of casting imperfections. of 4.4:1 to facilitate a low propeller speed. This results in minimum speed values ranging from 166 rpm for Similarly, the frame box uses the tried and tested tri- angular, guide-plane design with twin staybolts giving and even lower for the ultra-long-stroke G45ME-B excellent support to the guide shoe forces, while the cylinder frames are manufactured from nodular cast engines have all been...

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Combustion chamber diesel technology, the ME-B series provides engines This has been designed to accommodate the higher geared to market requirements for: ignition pressure and thermal load, while simultaneously increasing the TBOs. Electronic fuel injection control Fuel economy Cylinder liner Higher power reliability The ME-B series uses a slim cylinder liner, as used on Longer time between overhauls MAN Diesel & Turbo’s other MC-C/ME engines, but the Lower propeller speed material has been upgraded to counteract the higher Better manoeuvrability firing pressure. A piston cleaning ring has...

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All data provided in this document is non-binding. This data serves informational purposes only and is especially not guaranteed in any way. Depending on the subsequent specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to changes and will be assessed and determined individually for each project. This will depend on the particular characteristics of each individual project, especially specific site and operational conditions. Copyright © MAN Diesel & Turbo. 1510-0091-02ppr Sep 2012 Printed in Denmark MAN Diesel & Turbo – a member of the MAN G

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