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STROKE MARINE ENGINES Cost-cutting dual fuel engine solutions

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MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery. Our portfolio includes twostroke and four-stroke engines for marine and stationary applications, turbochargers and propellers, as well as gas and steam turbines, compressors and chemical reactors. Our commitment to minimizing fuel consumption while meeting even the most advanced emission regulations plays a vital role in safeguarding the environment for future generations. In the competitive field of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipping, with its fluctuating fuel prices, we offer...

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Getting a good return on your investment Although the market for LNG keeps on growing, building a vessel for the LNG supply industry is a major investment in complex technology that has to be amortized with a maximum of yearly operating hours. You also have to factor competition from other carriers, environmental regulations, and unpredictable fuel costs. Success factors Maritime transport of LNG has proven safe thanks to very high safety standards. However, LNG is a highly valuable freight and delivery delays are costly; that means cargo tank management is essential. The engines have to be...

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Naval Defense  Page 08 | 09 LNG Feeder & Bunkering Vessels MAN L23/30DF LNG Carriers LNG carriers have to deliver highly valuable freight on time, which means they require operational flexibility. Sailing globally through environmentally sensitive waters demands low emissions and the operational safety of the propulsion system is paramount. Navigating operational, contractual and environmental challenges Modern LNG tankers need highly reliable propulsion systems and service support that can ensure constant engine availability. Operational challenges include the fulfillment of all safety...

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MAN 51/60DF: Dual fuel genius In a multiple dual fuel engine plant the MAN 51/60DF ensures high reliability and vessel speed flexibility. The engines within a multiple engine concept can be switched on and off according to the power demand. You can thus operate at highest efficiency with the lowest possible fuel consumption and best load dynamics. The low-pressure gas supply system is proven and easy to handle. The fuel quality manager optimizes the engine’s combustion according to the quality of the boil-off gas. .. Full environmental compliance IMO Tier III in gas mode and liquid mode...

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Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) The FSRU turns the LNG fuel to gas, which can be pumped straight into the gas grid. It is a clever alternative to building a regasification plant on land and thus a key element in the LNG supply chain. An FSRU is a promising business opportunity for owners and operators but it involves many technical, contractual and environmental issues. Working with clean power The FSRU has to comply with coastal environmental regulations as well as the emission requirements of the ship’s flag state. In terms of engine operation, safety comes first. Service...

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MAN 51/60DF: Clean, clever and versatile In a multiple dual fuel engine plant the MAN 51/60DF ensures high reliability and vessel speed flexibility. The engines within a multiple engine concept can be switched on and off according to actual power demand, allowing the highest efficiency with the lowest possible fuel consumption and load dynamics. Intelligent engine utilization also makes possible the minimization of yearly maintenance costs. The MAN 51/60DF complies with IMO Tier III regulations in gas mode. In liquid mode it complies with the help of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)...

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LNG FEEDER & BUNKERING VESSELS LNG Feeder & Bunkering Vessels Low gas prices are increasing popularity of LNG as a maritime fuel. This in turn is driving the demand for feeder and bunker vessels that can efficiently deliver LNG to the ships that use it as fuel. © Ghenova ingeniera High performance with low consumption Delivering LNG to marine clients is a challenging operation. Feeders and bunker vessels need high maneuverability to perform safely. They have to be available 365 days a year and must have low overall energy consumption – the less cargo they burn, the better. They should also...

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LNG FEEDER & BUNKERING VESSELS MAN 35/44DF: Highest power output with lowest emissions The MAN 35/44DF allows you to harness all the benefits of dual fuel flexibility. It is ideal for mechanical and electric propulsion, and auxiliary GenSet applications. In gas mode, it complies fully with IMO Tier III standards. In liquid fuel mode, it fulfills IMO Tier II regulations. The engine is equipped with a Common Rail injection system with injection pressures of up to 1,600 bar. With 530 kW/cyl, the engine yields the highest power output in its segment. The solid design is based on the MAN...

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LNG expertise With the acquisition of Cryo AB in February 2016, MAN Diesel & Turbo became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment for the storage, distribution and handling of Liquefied Natural Gases (LNG). For more than 50 years Cryo AB has put skills and advanced technology at the service of the gas industry. As such, MAN Cryo products are available for demanding marine and industrial gas companies when it comes to selecting the most efficient and economical cryogenic equipment for marine gas fuel systems as well as for offshore and onshore bunkering systems. MAN...

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MAN PrimeServ MAN PrimeServ is the dedicated MAN Diesel & Turbo service brand. Via a network of over 100 service centers worldwide, MAN PrimeServ provides 24/7 service across the globe. Our range of services includes technical support, consulting and OEM spares, as well as maintenance, repair and comprehensive individualized service plans. .. Prompt delivery of high-demand OEM spare parts within 24 hours .. Fast, reliable and competent customer support .. Individually tailored O&M contracts .. Ongoing training and qualification of operators and maintenance staff .. Global service, 24 hours...

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