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L16/24 - 1

IMO Tier II - Marine Generating Sets Engineering the Future - since 1758.

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L16/24 - 2

MAN L16/24 GenSet power for marine applications The responsible way in leading technology in the ‘total systems approach’ to engine building MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading designer and based on the identification of core competences manufacturer of low and medium speed engines – an and the pursuit of excellence in these areas. estimated 50% of the world marine trade is powered by engines from MAN Diesel & Turbo. Basic concept We develop two-stroke and four-stroke engines, auxil- The cleanlined ‘pipeless’ design philosophy char- iary engines, turbochargers and propulsion packages...

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L16/24 - 3

Engine block cross section The GenSet is designed as one unit, on a tailored and Economic advantages integrated base frame, complete with alternator and The MAN L16/24 units are characterised by reliable engine, with built-on auxiliary systems. and HFO-based GenSet power, delivered at the lowest possible accumulated costs during the entire The hydraulically tightened tie rods are specifically lifecycle. A safe investment. positioned to maintain a static preloading of the engine block to absorb the dynamic loads generated by the impact from the combustion process and moving masses. The...

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L16/24 - 4

Robustness and Reliability for long-term trouble-free operation Basic design The company’s dedicated strategy of continous devel- The engine is designed for lifelong operational reli- opment and product refinement, which results from ability. The sturdy engine block, stiff crankshaft and years of dedicated research, design innovations, per- robust connecting rods are just some of the basic formance follow-up and practical experience, means design characteristics, which secure trouble-free that you, with the MAN L16/24 GenSet as primary operation and long and safe overhaul intervals. power...

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L16/24 - 5

Careful focus on key components Piston and ring pack. A robust composite piston Fuel injection pump. The fuel injection pump, design, with bore-cooled steel top, is the optimal with integrated roller guide, is designed for safe choice for modern, high performance heavy fuel oil cam contact. High injection pressure ensure per- engines. The piston rings employ a special shape and fect atomisation and efficient combustion of the material that control the wear properties for optimal heavy fuel oil. Low smoke values – ‘invisible smoke’ long-term engine performance. – is obtained over the entire...

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L16/24 - 6

Unique Design Features and key component benefits Crossflow cylinder head The unique, crossflow designed cylinder head geometry, together with flow-optimised charge air and exhaust gas ducts produce the combustion chamber swirl-effect. This is the basis for a perfect mix of air and atomised fuel, optimal gas exchange and efficient combustion. L16/24 – Marine Generating Sets

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L16/24 - 7

Efficient MAN turbocharger MAN Diesel & Turbo’s latest TCR design of constant pressure high-efficiency turbocharger, with good acceleration properties, carefully matched with the engine gas exchange system, ensure charge air surplus at all engine loads and ability to handle large step loads with minimal smoke emission. Long life and easy servicing are key parameters for the turbochargers. Overhaul and simple inspection intervals are extended to follow other routine maintenance of the engine. Connecting rod A robust design feature for this size of engine. Due to the optimal flow of...

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L16/24 - 8

Integrated Auxiliary Systems Temperature control, flow and cleanliness For easy installation and maximum operational safety, the auxiliary systems are integrated and self-supported with the engine. The engine’s advanced front-end box, which carries the turbocharger and charge air cooler, also incorporates engine driven cooling water pumps, lube oil pump, lube oil cooler, double full-flow depth lube oil filter and thermostatic valves. Cooling water system With only two flange connections, the system is eas- (1) To/from central FW cooler ily handled by the shipyard. Optimal temperatures are...

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L16/24 - 9

MAN B&W Diesel L16/24 – Marine Generating Sets

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L16/24 - 10

Maintenance Easy, simple and safe (1) Cylinder unit – complete with piston (2) LO by-pass centrifugal filter (optional) (3) Two stage charge air cooler (11) LO duplex full-flow depth filter The cylinder unit is handled as a single, complete The L16/24 engine is designed for minimal daily removable item including piston and connecting rod, maintenance, few routine inspections and long time cylinder liner, water jacket and cylinder head. between overhauls. Engine inspections and overhauls can be carried out with a minimum of resources due Large engine covers provide quick, clear and easy to...

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L16/24 - 11

Exchange service The cylinder unit concept is ideal for various exchange The CoCoS-EDS (Engine Diagnostics System) is a service agreements. software developed by MAN Diesel & Turbo. CoCoSEDS handles data logging, monitoring, trends and A remarkable operator benefit realised by the engine’s diagnostics. It can be operated with manual data entry cylinder unit concept is the very short time needed or with operating values automatically transferred from to bring an engine back into service when replacing/ the engine’s monitoring and alarm system. overhauling the unit components. Maximum...

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L16/24 - 12

Installation Lift on board, plug and play 12 L16/24 – Marine Generating Sets

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L16/24 - 13

System connections: (3) Cooling water venting/preheating (8) From lube oil separator (10) Control, monitoring and alarm The L16/24 GenSet is supplied as a compact and very – as part of the installation check list: shipyard friendly unit. An efficient power package on an Lift the GenSet on board installation-ready common base frame – which takes Seat and align the unit on the foundation up less space than comparable long-stroke engine Connect cooling water powered GenSets. Check lube oil connections Save time and money Easy seating and alignment simplifies the shipyard's Connect exhaust gas...

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