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Common Rail Less consumption. Less soot. Less NOx.

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MAN Diesel Common Rail Cover: Detail of Common Rail pump valve carrier

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MAN Diesel – Common Rail Injection technology for medium-speed four-stroke engines The coming decades will see a sharp increase in the ecological and economic demands placed on internal combustion engines. Evidence of this trend is the yearly tightening of emissions standards worldwide, a development that aims not only at improving fuel economy but above all at achieving clean combustion that is low in emissions. Large reductions in NOX, CO2 and soot emissions are a stroke engines. ME technology is based on a “Pressure strategic success factor for HFO diesel engines. Special Boosted Common...

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MAN Diesel CR Technology – Measurably friendly to the environment MAN Diesel Common Rail Technology lowers the emission rate of soot and NOx at all possible engine operating points – even when using single injection only, i.e. without pilot or injection processes during generator operation over an engine load range of 0 to 100 % at an engine speed of 1,00 Due to the flexibility of the injection process, NOx emission, The graph shown here compares conventional and CR fuel consumption and exhaust opacity can be improved by varying injection pressure and start of injection. Even in the...

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MAN Diesel – Common Rail General benefits injection valve rail unit control valve rail cover pump accumulator throttle valve high pressure pump Higher efficiency with flexible injection The old problem with the fixed link between injection pressure and engine speed is well-known. In engines with high effective mean pressure, there is a rapid decline in Our CR technology is an ideal tool for lowering pollutant injection pressure in the low load range, a phenomenon emissions and fuel consumption – while giving the user the that has a negative effect on the air-to-fuel ratio and on security...

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Enhancing reliability by thinking ahead For example MAN Diesel CR injection technology >> Should a high pressure pump fail: is synonymous with reliability – and MAN Diesel CR systems are equipped with at least two high pressure pumps and the reliability begins at the development system can easily be operated with only one high pressure pump. >> Should the rail pressure controller fail: safety valve with an additional mechanical A pressure control valve ensures the continued operability of the system. MAN Diesel’s experience in the development and production of high pressure injection...

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MAN Diesel – Common Rail Detailed pre-tests using system test rigs with HFO in Augsburg As a matter of principle, MAN Diesel has kept the basic concept of its Common Rail Technology as simple as possible and has integrated technically proven components into the design. For example, in keeping with this philosophy, the design does not use a separate servo circuit for activating the injection valve. Less main­ tenance is one of the benefits. Also, integrated into the CR technology are well-proven components with long service experience, such as injection valves and nozzles. The injection...

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Mature technology Introduction of the 32/40CR on the market was preceded by years of intensive, practise oriented development at MAN Diesel using the Augsburg test facilities. Subsequent tests performed in co-operation with a customer yielded such positive results that today, MAN Diesel is able to offer a mature technology that reliably guarantees an optimum level of performance, environmental compatibility and economy. Modular pump system for greater reliability A high pressure rail segment for control valves MAN Diesel engines use either two or three high pressure In principle, there are...

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MAN Diesel – Common Rail ECU – The electronic heart of the MAN Diesel CR System ECU The heart of MAN Diesel CR injection technology is the electronic control unit (ECU). It calculates pressure, injection timing and injection volume on the basis of numerous operational parameters recorded by sensors, such as engine speed, cylinder top dead centre, load pressure and rail pressure. The calculated current pulses are then output to the solenoids of the control valves (rail segment) and suction throttle valve (high pressure pump). At precisely the right time, the control valves receive a pulse...

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MAN Diesel is working to adapt CR technology for fuel/water emulsions. Furthermore, the combustion process is undergoing continuous development with respect to CR technology. A significant advantage in the trade off between NOx-soot emission and fuel consumption was achieved on the single cylinder research engine in Augsburg by means of an increased compression ratio and the so-called “Miller” gas exchange valve timing in combination with pilot injections that are feasible with our CR technology.

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MAN Diesel SE Stadtbachstr. 1 86224 Augsburg Germany Phone +49 821 322-0 Fax +49 821 322-3382 Copyright © MAN Diesel SE Subject to modification in the interest of technical progress. D2366251EN-N2 Printed in Germany KW9-07061 MAN Diesel – a member of the MAN Group

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