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AHTS Propulsion for Swire Pacific Offshore

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Anchor Handling Tug Supply Swire Pacific Offshore selects complete propulsion solutions MAN Diesel has been awarded the contract to supply complete twin-screw medium-speed propulsion packages for ten Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS). The newbuildings, which will be built by Labroy Shipyard, Batam, Indonesia (Labroy Shipbuilding and Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore) are to be operated by Swire Pacific Offshore Limited, Singapore. The 120-ton bollard pull AHTS vessels have been designed by the UK-based IMT Marine Consultants Ltd, with specific optimisation for the worldwide operation...

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MAN Diesel – Propulsion Systems Propulsion system A total main engine output of 2 x 3,285 kW will supply the propeller thrust, for a bollard pull of more than 120 metric tons. The ship service speed is optimised for 13.5 knots. The MAN Diesel twin-screw propulsion system type 9L27/38VBS, which has been specified for the new buildings, includes: Main engines Two MAN Diesel 9L27/38 engines, fitted with full engine power PTO and integrated journal bearing at the front-end, driving a fire-fighting pump arrangement. Graphic illustration of the first 120-ton AHTS for Swire Pacific Reduction...

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