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Your Window into Luxury

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CHAIRMAN'S NOTE Mohammed Hussain Alshaali Gulf Craft was born in 1982 out of a love for the sea, a passion for building and a firm belief that the success of the UAE should be based around productive industry - three key pillars that still support what the company does three decades since we first began. 32 years is a long time, and as the UAE has undergone a sea change in terms of progress, prosperity and prominence on a global stage, we are privileged to have been both a witness to this transforma- tion and a fellow traveler - growing from a humble UAE-based boat builder to a globally...

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COMPANY HISTORY In 1982 Mohammed Hussein Alshaali along with his brothers Abdullah and Jamal, and Dr. Mohammed Hamdan, their long-standing friend, established Gulf Craft in the United Arab Emirates - driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, a love for the sea and a firm belief that the long-term success of the nation lay in the manufacturing industry. Under Alshaali's guidance, Gulf Craft has grown from being a manufacturer of small pleasure craft in 1982, to a yacht manufacturer in 1991 and a globally respected builder of superyachts since 2000. Today Gulf Craft is one of only a few boat...

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With a modest 218,000 square foot facility in Ajman, UAE, Gulf Craft starts producing 14 foot runabouts for the local market. Building on the success of milestone proj- ects like the Majesty 86 and Millenium 118, Gulf Craft launched the brand and product range Majesty Yachts in an ambitious drive to develop the region's first full line-up of luxury yachts. Born from the 27 years boat vercraft range is established to represent Gulf Craft's wide and diverse range of smaller family and fishing boats. Gulf Craft launches its larg- est superyacht ever built - the Majesty 135 - further...

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REFINED BOAT BUILDING SKILLS At Gulf Craft we believe each yacht we build is unique - an individual and complex exercise in engineering, design and craftsmanship; which is why we prefer the term yacht builders rather than yacht producers. Our shipyard does not resemble a production line - each yacht is an individual project, finished uniquely to match Our yachts are developed using detailed computer modeling and using the latest technologies such as CNC and waterjet, but the human hand still lends the final touches and it is the human eye that grants the final seal of approval after the...

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Majesty Yacht Collection |

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Profile Phuket, Thailand Majesty Yacht Collection |

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OPPOSITE ABOVE CLOCKWISE Starboard Gunnel. Cockpit Seating Area. Fly-Bridge Seating Area. 17 | MAJESTY YACHT COLLECTION

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OPPOSITE Main Saloon. ABOVE CLOCKWISE Dining Area. Lower Helm. Main Galley. 19 | MAJESTY YACHT COLLECTION

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OPPOSITE VIP Bedroom. ABOVE CLOCKWISE VIP En Suite. Detail. Twin Guest Bedroom. Majesty Yacht Collection | 21 | Majesty Yacht Collection

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Most recent update: January 2014. Please see your dealer to learn LENGTH OVERALL FUEL CAPACITY FRESH WATER CAPACITY BLACK WATER CAPACITY GREY WATER CAPACITY MAIN DECK LOWER DECK CLOCKWISE Crew Cabin. Detail. Engine Room. Gulf Craft The layouts shown are some of the possible options and do not necessarily correspond to the standard version. any time as part of our continuous product improvement programme. MAJESTY YACHT COLLECTION | 22

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batteries isolation switches, house and port engine interconnection connections switch, fuel shutoff valve pull – out pin, engine room aft any time as part of our continuous product improvement programme. teak treads. • • 2 x Audio speakers linked to saloon stereo. FLYBRIDGE SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW • Power assisted electro hydraulic steering system. • Bow thruster 10 HP, 24VDC (optional). • Stern thruster 10 HP, 24VDC (optional). • 24V DC and 220V AC electrical system. • 220VAC, 50Hz, Single phase shore power dock side connection. • 20Kw, 220VAC, 50Hz Diesel generator. • Anchor 35kg with...

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AFTER-SALES SERVICE Owning a boat or yacht is a long-term commitment. Which is why it's important to always make sure it is in the best of hands, especially when it needs servicing or refurbishment. Reputation and experience are usually the first things that come to mind when your boat needs work and that's where Gulf Craft makes a At Gulf Craft, our after-sales centers follow the same standards and commitment to international quality that our manufacturing facilities adhere to. We draw on our 32 years of experience in boat building, engineering and refit to understand the after-sales needs...

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GULF CRAFT PRODUCT RANGE Gulf Craft launched its range of luxury fly-bridge yachts under the name of Majesty Yachts in 2004, and today features an innovative and extensive yacht range from 101 feet to 155 feet. Majesty Yachts relies on a in-house design team, as well as on Dutch, Italian, British and Australian designers, catering to diverse global tastes in exterior styling and interior design. The Majesty Yachts team combines tech- nical know-how, practical experience, and decades of steady investment to deliver personalized luxury without CLOCKWISE Majesty 105. Majesty 125 Majesty 135...

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P.O. Box 666 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Ajman, United Arab Emirates If crafti Pictures in this catalogue may be taken from different vessels of the same type for example purpose only. Performance estimates are given in good faith, but are in no way guaranteed. Dirt on the hull, damage to the propellers, external water and air temperatures and added weight, fuel and water carried can all adversely affect performance. For these and other reasons we can give no performance guarantees. Data and characteristics are not binding: details, colors, descriptions and illustrations...

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