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UltraMAX Chop Brochure-ML1431

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UltraMAX™ Chop / AGNUMVENUS PLASTECH FITmCmOMBmUPSmS <— shown) Chopper System " Rapid Access Design (R.A.D.)

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Choose your weapon against VOCs: UltraMAX™ power also means amazing versatility. in a number of ways: inter- FIT®, airless internal mix Call today to learn how we can make the ultimate chop Standard Pressure UltraMAX™ Chopper TheM.V.P. UltraMAX™ FIT®Chop system delivers power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use, Rapid Access Design reliable performance. This is the one the other guys compare them- TheM.V.P. UltraMAX™ FIT®Chop system is the low pressure cham- pion. If your goal is to make quality parts with minimal overspray and no wasted materials, then low UltraMAX™...

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