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PrecisionTECH™ RTM The Total Solution from Magnum Venus Products When it comes to providing the Total Solution— MVP delivers. Award-winning technology combined with over 50 years of industry expertise has given MVP a strong reputation for quality products. Magnum Industries and Venus Products have long been recognized as the worldwide leaders in manufacturing equipment for the composites industry. Now one company, Magnum Venus Products continues to lead the industry in environmental issues worldwide. MVP has continually used innovative designs to help the industry meet governmental demands...

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INTRODUCTION Graves Spray Supply enjoys an extensive history in the supply, service and manufacturing of dispensing equipment. Founded in 1938 in Chicago as a distributor for coating equipment, Graves Spray Supply grew at a rapid pace. In response to the increased demands for equipment Graves moved to manufacturing of automated paint spray equipment, and were in full production and supply by the early 1950’s. In keeping with the tradition of full service equipment distribution, Graves embarked on the newly developing industry of spray-up fiberglass manufacturing dispensing systems. In doing...

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WHAT IS RTM? Resin Injection (also known as Resin Transfer Molding or RTM) continues to gain popularity as an effective alternative to conventional molding processes. It offers the unique advantage of delivering detailed parts that are smooth on both sides. This versatile closed-mold process also emits significantly less styrene than open-mold and sprayup processes. Resin Injection allows preloading of the mold with glass and all types of inserts, bosses and coring materials. How does RTM work? First the reinforcement is formed on a Preformer, generally built to the specific part design....

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WHY CHOOSE PrecisionTECH™ RTM? While highly efficient, Resin Injection is also one of the more complex processes for reinforced plastics shops. High-performance equipment from Magnum Venus Products, backed by our excellent technical service and training, can help prevent the costly mistakes operators often encounter when performing Resin Injection procedures. MVP has taken the complication out of RTM with the comprehensive line of PrecisionTECH™ RTM systems. To begin, MVP offers expert consultation for the design of your specific system, and can even design a turn-key line for larger...

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Equipment TechEdge™ Service Manual to PLC Control Systems Molds to Materials Tooling Design Tooling Manufacturer 4:1 ProPump; ProGun with RTM Mixer & Pneumatic Stroke Counter Training Chemistry Consultation Primax™ Vacuum Assist ProVantage™ Low-Volume RTM TechLock™ Mold Clamp RTM Lite to Low-Pressure RTM Optilogic™ Control System Automated Process 3:1 or 6:1 UPS Pump; Automatic ProGun. Options: Uniport™ Sprue; Digital Resin Meter AltaLink™ Servo-Controlled Catalyst Apex™ Accessories UniPort™ Sprue Vacuum Pump High-Volume RTM Automated Process; 6:1 or 12:1 High-Volume UPS Pump; Automatic...

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COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE Coming in 2004, Magnum Venus Products will offer a comprehensive service called TechEdge™. TechEdge™ is a complete program developed by MVP to help our customers with the many decisions and training needs generated by moving to a new process. Beginning with consultations on your specific needs, the experts in our Advanced Design Group (ADG) will work with you to determine the most efficient systems and materials to get you started in RTM. From simple single unit manual operations to fully automated turn-key systems, the ADG has the years of expertise to design the...

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INFORMATION REQUEST Please remove this page and fax the completed form to: FAX: (253) 854-1666 CONTACT INFORMATION Company Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ (Street Address, Apt. No., P.O. Box, Rural Route No.) ________________________________________________________________________________ (City) (State/Province) (Zip/Postal) Phone:...

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SPECIFICATIONS 1. Indicate the specifications for each part you are considering producing with the RTM process, and include a detailed sketch and/or copy of the drawing. NOTE: Detailed sketch and/or copy of part required for fully automated PrecisionTECH™ Systems. Name of Part:_________________________________________________________________________________ Length:_______in./_______mm Height:_______in./_______mm Width:_______in./_______mm Thickness:_______in./_______mm 2. Materials Used: (Please supply data sheets on each of the materials for each part produced.) Resin: 1 Phenolic 1 Epoxy 1...

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MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS Corporate HQ/Mfg. MVP Technology Center 5148 113th Ave. Clearwater, FL 33760 · USA Ph: (727) 573-2955 Fax: (727) 571-3636 1862 Ives Ave. Kent, WA 98032 · USA Ph: (253) 854-2660 Fax: (253) 854-1666 E-mail: Web:

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