Precision Gelcoat Unit


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Precision Gelcoat Unit - 1

MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS Precision Gelcoat Unit Apply gelcoat with the versatility of an airless paint gun Compact unit delivers various output volumes with a wide range of spray patterns

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Precision Gelcoat Unit - 2

► Simple and adjustable dispensing • Any combination of thickness and spray pattern with same gun and tip • Ergonomic, lightweight gun system with mix block support strap • Mix block designed for easy flushing with convenient on/off handle Amvp MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS ► Compact □- system for stable maneuverability • Can be used for in-line or touch up applications requiring low or no fluid pressure • Apply fine layers of gelcoat as low as 2ml per pass • Ensures accurate mix ratios and saves operational time • Minimal clean up and reduced waste To receive product information or to request a...

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