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MVP Blue Line - Chopper/Wetout

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MAGNUM VENUS PRODUCTS    customer focused. product driven. BLUE LINE: OPEN MOLD EQUIPMENT | CHOPPER/WETOUT EQUIPMENT Patriot SystemsThe Patriot™ Chop/Wetout Systems deliver unprecedented precision, power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use. Available in Internal and External Mix Configurations • Highly Accurate Patriot™ Technology • Increased efficiency • Improved product quality • Modular versatility The Patriot™ Chop/Wetout system delivers unprecedented precision, power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use, Rapid Access Design (RAD) for easy maintenance, and reliable performance. This is the one the other guys compare themselves to. Precision counts The key to efficient FRP production is achieving a uniform laminate. Precise metering is the key to correct many of the quality issues, such as porosity, inconsistent thickness and more that currently face composites manufactures. With a catalyst-to-resin variance ratio of 1% or less, the Patriot™ chop system runs circles around competitive systems that tested with variance ratios of 25% - 30%. Specifications Options PATRIOT™ - STANDARD VOLUME SYSTEM Output Capabilities: UP TO 15 LBS/MIN (6.8 KGS/MIN) Avg. Air Consumption w/Chopper: 25 - 30 CFM (0.7 - 0.8 m3/MIN) Catalyst % Range: .75-2.5% by volume (PAT-CP 0980) 1-3.25% by volume (PAT-CP1530) Available Pump Ratios: 7:1 & 15:1 Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100PSI (7BAR) PATRIOT™ - HIGH VOLUME SYSTEM Output Capabilities: 7 LBS/MIN - 30 LBS/MIN (1.5 KGS/MIN - 6.7 KGS/MIN) Avg. Air Consumption w/Chopper: 43 CFM (1.22 m3/MIN) Catalyst % Range: .75-2.5% by volume Available Pump Ratios: 16:1 Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100PSI (7 BAR) Heaters • CFH Series Monitors • CB-8000 Catalyst Alarm • CTS-9000 Mixers • M-AGD Guns • TLN Series • PRO Series • AT Series Choppers • RC Series • VRC Series UltraMAX™ Pumping SystemsThe MVP UltraMAX™ FIT® Chop system is one of several MVP systems others compare themselves to. Available in Internal and External Mix Configurations • Rapid Access Design (RAD) for easy access • Low Pressure FIT® Technology • Ready for fillers The MVP UltraMAX™ FIT® Chop system delivers power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use. MVP's Rapid Access Design (RAD) serves you with easy maintenance, and reliable performance. The best technology in emissions control is the patented FIT® (Fluid Impingement Technology). When you use FIT® technology, you can be assured you are armed with a state-of-the art weapon against harmful emissions. The MVP UltraMAX™ FIT Chop system has very low emissions. Specifications Options ULTRAMAX ™ - STANDARD VOLUME CHOP/WETOUT SYSTEM Output Capabilities: 3 LBS/MIN - 15 LBS/MIN (1.36 KGS/MIN - 6.80 KGS/MIN) Avg. Air Consumption with Chopper: 8 CFM (0.23 m3/MIN) Catalyst % Range: 0.5% to 3% by volume Available Pump Ratios: 6:1, 11:1 & 15:1 Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100 PSI (7BAR) ULTRAMAX ™ - HIGH VOLUME SYSTEM Output Capabilities: 8.5 LBS/MIN - 35 LBS/MIN (3.85 KGS/MIN - 15.87 KGS/MIN) Avg. Air Consumption with Chopper: (RESIN) 14CFM (0.4 mP/MIN) (CHOPPER) 10-20CFM (0.3 - 0.6 mP/MIN) Catalyst    s: 0.5% - 2.3% by volume Available Pump Ratios: 6:1 & 12:1 Maximum Air Input Pressure: 100PSI (7BAR) Heaters • CFH Series Monitors • CB-8000 Catalyst Alarms • CTS-9000 Mixers • M-AGD Guns • TLN Series • PRO Series • AT Series Choppers •

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MiniPro Chop/Wetout SystemEntry Level Chopper System Available in Internal and External Mix Configurations • Ideal for small or start-up operations • Quick set-up & easy installation • Low entry level pricing • Ideal for converting from hand lay-up to mechanization The MVP Mini-Pro Chopper System features reliable low pressure delivery, easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance with Magnum Venus Product's renowned durability. Featuring the famous MVP Pro pumping system that utilizes a heavy duty stainless steel catalyst pump, this machine allows the operator to adjust the...

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